The President: The response to violators, abusers and murderers is law and order and maximum punishment

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani Sadriu reacted after the tragic event that occurred tonight.

President Osmani's reaction in its entirety:

Tonight, the whole of Kosovo mourns the woman who did not attain to become a mother,  the lost daughter, and the life that was unjustly brought to an end. Tonight we mourn the unborn life that never breathed, the life that never came to life.

Another macabre and inhumane crime. Another “man” who cannot be called a human being, but who took the life of the woman and the child who would become the pride and joy of the mother.

Tonight the words are failing us, those being replaced by despair. Tonight it's hard to think that there's hope!

But tonight, hope and faith are needed more than ever. This crime wave and this femicide must end. We are on trial not only as a state but also as a society. There are no more justifications. The life of girls and women, as of every other citizen of our country, is sacred.

No more girls and women – it is a national appeal to all of us. The response to rapists, abusers and murderers is law and order and maximum punishment.

Our debt to the victims of violence, to the unborn lives and lives cut short is one and only: JUSTICE!

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