Speech of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, at the inauguration of the Kosovo Women Police Officers Association

I have the exceptional pleasure to inaugurate together with you, the Association of Women Police Officers of Kosovo, crowning the untiring work and the unshaken dedication and commitment of yours to become part of the international professional forums, which aims to strengthen the institution of Police and ensure gender equality within these institutions.

I congratulate you on this success- a result of many years of endeavours with a primary ambition to make the security services more professional and closer to every citizen as possible.

Kosovo Police continues to remain one of the most trusted institutions and this is a merit of the endeavours of every single one of you to create an institution which serves every single citizen, towards maintenance of the order and implementation of the law.

Kosovo Police has been built upon the highest professional standards, the inclusiveness of the communities, incorporating the highest number of women and thus becoming the nearest and most tangible institution of all the categories of the society.

It was the participation of women in the Police force which played an important role in the building of a society where each citizen takes up his and her own responsibilities and provides maximal contribution towards building and guaranteeing of the state of law.

It was the participation of women in the Police force which challenged the perception that participation and engagement of women in society is limited to certain fields only.

Women in Police force as well as in other security structures has broken the taboos which said that women cannot have a primary role in the field of the security of the country, as traditionally such a role was entrusted to men.

With their viewpoint and contribution, women have been placed at the very centre of protection of each citizen, of every marginalized group, fighting of corruption and organised crime, of the establishment of a just society, facing and successfuly overcoming all professional risks, as well as those arising from the society. Women in Police force have changed the perception of the approach of the citizens towards security by making it an all inclusive institution.

You have shown that the role of the women in the state which we continue to strengthen every day, is exceptionally meaningful for building of an all inclusive and democratic society, which responds to the needs of each citizen.

There are many examples throughout the world which demonstrate the examples of women providing their contribution to establishment of peace and security, the women of Kosovo being a concrete example of such an act.

During the period of peaceful resistance, it was the women who created and led the civil society; it was their voice which penetrated through the isolation sheath existing around Kosovo at that time and it was them who placed the foundations of the friendship with the United States of America and the countries of the western world.

The role of the women of Kosovo, apart from their active participation in the war, in being the backbone of the resistance through looking after the children, the elderly and the people internally displaced within Kosovo, was also very important.
Women kept alive the institution of the family under all circumstances and throughout all time periods.
During these post-war years, we have undergone through various experiences, we have endured grand socio-economic transformations, and we have gone through many different political processes led by a single ambition- building of a society, a state, in service to the citizen, regardless.

There still remains a lot of work to be done in order to accomplish our aim of becoming a member of the European family and of the international security structures. The fight against corruption and organised crime, process undergone by all states during their times of transition, and which is holding hostage the future of our state, still remains a priority for us.

In this challenge of ours towards law and order, the role of the Police is essential. Functionalisations of associations such as this one, which strengthen the institution of the Police, strengthen this fight as well.

Kosovo is day by day making steps ahead towards offering a strong state which offers opportunity and access for realisation of each citizen. On this path we continue to face challenges but our success is guaranteed while we have such a police force, an all inclusive one, with highest professional standards.

Therefore I reiterate that participation of women in the police structures, and other security and justice structures as well, will strengthen the fight against corruption and organised crime and will strengthen our endeavours towards building of a state where rule of law and order prevails and where each citizen equally enjoys all their rights and freedoms, irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, race or gender.
Women with a decision making role in the security institutions is a synonym of a developed and democratic society. It is an obligation of every one of us, to take upon ourselves our civic and institutional responsibilities, to work towards building and strengthening of a state where law and order prevail.

Dear Friends,

I congratulate you on your work and your engagements in service to every citizen of Kosovo, in all corners of the country. Through your work and your contribution you have made Kosovo a safer place for all citizens regardless and thus have helped raise the social awareness towards the importance of participation of women in every cell of a state.

This success has no doubt ranked Kosovo among the countries which can offer their best practices to the other countries in transition which have not managed to achieve what we achieved here, for our country- to establish a pillar which contributes to the realisation of our vision of a democratic Kosovo.

I wish you many successes in your work, and I express to you the institutional backing and support towards functionalisation f the Kosovo Women Police Association, in the full scope which you have perceived as your field of activity, towards raising of the image of women, of the police force and of the society, as an association supporting gender equality and an important contributor to the respect for human rights,  building its foundations based on the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Kosovo.

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