Remarks by the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madame Atifete Jahjaga in the opening of the French Residence

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifte Jahjaga, attended today the opening ceremony of the French Residence in Kosovo.

Below we provide the remarks of the President on this occasion:

Dear Ambassador Fitou,
Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me a special pleasure to welcome the opening of the French residence in Prishtina.

This residence, along with your embassy here in Kosovo, is indeed a testament of our partnership and the bond of friendship that is very valuable between our two countries and the two peoples.

France has been a true supporter of Kosovo’s independence, of our statehood, sovereignty and territorial integrity and our consolidation as a state. Together with our allies, France has dedicated much diplomatic and military effort to help us achieve our freedom.

The people of Kosovo will always remember the image of President Sarkozy on the eve of the declaration of Kosovo’s independence as he pointed out to French students on the map the creation of the new democratic and multi-ethnic state in the heart of the Balkans.

We have kept that promise. Kosovo today is a country of all its citizens, whose rights and freedoms are respected, who live in dignity and peace. It is a joint success story of the international community, its institutions and Kosovo’s people. It is a place where hope and optimism for the future rule the day.

But, more remains to be done. Ambassador, we count on your continuous support to help us discover to the world the new Kosovo, to promote its talented young people, like Dita, to tell the story of its treasures and precious traditions.
We count on your support as we take on necessary reforms to speed our integration into the European Union and NATO, a goal that unites us and one that has no alternative.

The European Union has a lot to offer to Kosovo, and so does Kosovo. We took the first step this week with the launch of the Feasibility Study, which we look forward to complete successfully.
Thank you, and please accept my personal gratitude and that of Kosovo’s people.

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