The address of the President of the Republic of Kosovo at the graduation ceremony of the candidates for judges

You testify today that you have decided to carry a large responsibility on your shoulders in the implementation of the Law and the Constitution.

Honored representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo,
Honored Ambassadors,
Honored Judges and Prosecutors,
Honored participants,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I highly appreciate and admire your aspirations and commitment as prosecutors and judges to serve the country, the rule of law and order.

This event is important for your accomplishments, but also for the country since the consolidation of the professional capacities of the prosecution and the judiciary is one of the key elements for a state of law.

You testify today that you have decided to carry a large responsibility on your shoulders in the implementation of the Law and the Constitution.

Only an impartial, incorruptible and uninfluenced judiciary will ensure the empowerment of a democratic and functional state that is in service of the needs and protection of its citizens.

We are a young country and we are determined to implement all the necessary reforms which legitimize our will for the creation of an efficient and transparent system of justice, in service of the citizens, and to fight negative phenomena which our society faces. With this we contribute to increase the trust of all citizens without distinction in our justice system.

In the framework of my competencies I will guarantee the constitutional functioning of the judiciary as an independent pillar of the State. The protection of the independence and the respecting of the power of the judiciary from other powers is important for the establishment of trust towards the judiciary.

It is our duty to create all the conditions to provide a suitable environment where the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo address with full trust the institutions of justice, whenever they consider that their rights and freedoms have been violated, whereas to those who violate the order and challenge the rule of law, to narrow the scope of action.

This is also the essence of the National Anti Corruption Council which I have established last month, where the institutional unity and commitment was stated to make the struggle against corruption a priority. As an overarching commitment to ensure all the necessary conditions that our judges are not hindered in putting justice.

Our future depends on our joint willingness to show seriousness in the war against corruption and organized crime.

You, future Judges, must protect your position as guardians of justice with fanaticism. You are those who will continuously face challenges during your performance at work. However, keep in mind that your only friend at the seat of court is the law and constitution. By respecting this, you help in the consolidation of the state but also send a clear message that no one is and can not be above the law.

I hope that all of you will successfully pass the verification process and after your nomination to start as soon as possible to examine the accumulated cases, the solution of which has to do with the fate of the citizens of Kosovo top of which ask for justice.

I expect form all of you to comply with the principle of professional ethics to adequately serve the country in your task of judge and prosecutor.

We are at a crucial moment to fulfill our dream of integration into the European Union. Just two days ago the Commissioner for Enlargement, Mr. Stefan Füle, launched the feasibility study for the Stabilization and Association Agreement during the inaugural meeting of the national for European Integration which I have established. Our advancement in this process will depend directly of the fulfillment of a range of criteria and one of the key criteria is the rule of law and order.

We are committed to fulfill all our requirements and obligations on the path of the integration of the Republic of Kosovo into the EU.

I congratulate you once again for your achievements and wish you further successes.

Thank you!

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