President Vjosa Osmani's address to the citizens for the New Year 2023

Dear citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

The holiday season is always a time of reflection. As we reflect on the year we are leaving behind, I could not be more proud of the people of our country. Despite the challenges that have followed us over the decades, we have proven that we are a hopeful nation dedicated to better and greater days and a brighter future.

Tonight, as you gather with your families, friends and loved ones, I hope you will also remember the things you are grateful for and also reflect on how we may collectively overcome some of the challenges we face as a society and as a country. I am aware that the year change will find some of you at the workplaces, serving your country and helping our economy. We are all eternally grateful to you. Thank you!

These days, our squares and streets are full. Among the many people who come out to greet and congratulate each other are many members of our diaspora. Welcome to your homeland! We are truly happy to have you among us. I want to thank you in particular for continuing to be our voice and our eyes in the capitals of various countries around the globe.

Dear citizens,

I will not pretend that it has been an easy year, with all the global security challenges that have resulted in economic and energy challenges, which have been felt by every family in Kosovo. It takes a lot of continuous work to address these challenges successfully.

However, this year we also marked many achievements and successes. However, we should not take them for granted. We must work harder and harder; always improving. As a small country, we are gradually marking our modern history with successes that make us proud and sound ambitions that lead us ever higher.

In this journey, as much is the work of our institutions important,  as important and valuable is the support of our international friends and allies. Together and in full coordination with them, we will continue the journey forward toward the successful achievement of our goals.

Dear citizens,

On this special night, I especially want to thank all those who have worked so hard to keep our country safe; our children healthy and ever more prepared for the future; small and large Kosovar businesses at work. I thank you all for your contribution to making our country more successful and stronger.

Thank you in particular to the Kosovo police who protect every citizen without distinction as well as the sovereignty of our state, thank you to our armed forces, our firefighters, our nurses and doctors, our teachers, our sportsmen and artists and everyone, regardless of profession. Thank you all for your work, commitment and patriotism.

Tonight I can't help but talk about the pain experienced and I must  mention those who are no longer with us. I especially want to remember the women and girls who became victims of femicide, a terrible phenomenon that we must all fight jointly. Mistreatment of women in our society, but also around the world, is becoming an epidemic. Therefore, we must treat it as a national emergency.

In this effort, we need the commitment of everyone: politicians, justice institutions, security institutions, social workers, civil society activists and the media. This should become our common cause. The fight for gender equality should be our daily engagement.

Dear citizens,

in a little longer our calendar will mark a New Year. This is a new opportunity and a new chance to do more, to work harder, and to change what we think can be done better.

I firmly believe that we have a promising future and better days ahead, because the will, endurance and vision of our citizens have been tested and challenged year after year.

I wish this New Year to be a year of hope, but above all, I wish it to be a year of action. A year where we will act convincingly and with dedication in every direction to achieve our common goals, to further advance our democracy and economy and to further consolidate our presence and image in every corner of the world.

A Happy New Year 2023!

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