President Thaçi meets the members of the Friendship Association and calls for the expansion of the cooperation

Tokyo, September 11th – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, during his second day of the state visit to Japan, met with the members of the Friendship Association at the Japanese Parliament.

At this meeting, president Thaçi stated that Friendship Association has grown larger and has that new MP’s have joined it, and at the same time invited them to visit Kosovo.

According to the President, opening of the Japanese Embassy, which will take place very soon in Prishtina, is yet another proof of the cooperation and ever expanding friendship between the two states.

“Relations with Japan are improving exponentially, for which I need to thank Prime Minister Abe, the Foreign Affairs minister and all of you honourable friends,” said the President.

President Thaçi also spoke about Kosovo’s aspiration for speedy membership in NATO and European Union.

“In Kosovo there is full consensus on the fact that there is no other alternative to a fast membership in NATO and European Union, thus joining the western values,” said the President.

Ryu Shionoya, chairman of the Kosovo friendship group, stated that all MP’s, members of this group, will engage in increasing of the trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.

The dinner was attended by the Olympic Games minister, now in his new post at the LDP party, MP Eto, elected for 13 times, Foreign Affairs deputy Minister Ms. Abe, who visited Kosovo in February, Prime Minister Abe’s security Adviser Mr. Sonoura and Mp Nakajama, from Osaka, until recently chairman of the foreign affairs committee.

MP Kenji Wakamyia, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Japanese Parliament, even though not a member of the Association, was also in attendance, and he expressed his readiness for the expansion of cooperation, especially in economy.

President Thaçi, will continue his agenda tomorrow with other meetings with representatives of the state of Japan. 

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