President Thaçi asks Toyota for investments in Kosovo

Toyota City, September 11th – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, on his second day of official visit to Japan, met with senior representatives of the largest automotive factory in the world, “Toyota.”

At the meeting with the executive vice president of the Toyota Corporation, Mitsuru Kawai, and with the management of the factory in Toyota City, President Thaçi asked them to consider the opportunity for the expansion of the market in Kosovo and through Kosovo into the countries of the western Balkans and Europe.

“It was an exceptional opportunity to talk about the possibilities for the expansion for Toyota market in Kosovo. We are a safe country for investments, with European laws and talented work force. After this visit, we will have other meetings in order to deepen this cooperation,” said the President.

According to him, the idea for the establishment of a centre of Japanese businesses in Kosovo was welcomed.

The executive vice president of the Toyota Corporation, Mitsuru Kawai, welcomed the idea for the review of possibilities for cooperation with Kosovo.

He said that initially the number of users must increase. “Therefore, the first mission and a request for the people of Kosovo is to drive as many Toyota’s as possible.”

During his visit to Japan, President Thaçi was also taken on a visit to the old temples of the city of Kyoto. He also met with two Kosovar students, studying in Osaka and Kyoto. 

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