President Jahjaga sent her best wishes for Christmas to the worshipers of the Catholic faith

On the occasion of Christmas, President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga has sent her best wishes to the worshipers of the Catholic faith and to the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

The text states:

On the occasion of the grand feast of Christmas, I wish upon all worshipers of the Catholic faith good health, happiness, wellbeing, prosperity and harmony within their families and with their beloved ones.

On this day of celebration and joy, let us remember all those who are no longer with us, but who, with their relentless engagement and sacrifice, enabled us today to celebrate in freedom, proud of our past and with a clear vision for a better future for all of us.

At this day of celebration, let us show our love, respect and solidarity with people in need, let us open to them the road of hope and offer them the helping hand in order for them to bypass the difficulties and to progress as individuals and families; to build in this manner a society and a state that is based on peace, love, respect and solidarity, virtues these that have always served us and have enabled us to progress, by becoming a part of the developed world.

Have a Merry Christmas, for many years to come.

Atifete Jahjaga,
President of the Republic of Kosovo

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