President Jahjaga received the team of actors and producers of the movie “Three windows and a hanging”

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, received today in a meeting the team of actors and producers of the movie “Three windows and a hanging” led by director Isa Qosja.

President Jahjaga congratulated director Qosja and the entire team of the movie, which is about the victims of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo, about the exceptional performance by which the reality of the victims of sexual violence is reflected and their treatment by the family and society.
President Jahjaga stressed that the realization of this movie is also contribution to the work of the National Council for the Survivors of Sexual Violence during the war, which aims to regulate the status and the institutional care for the victims as well as the internationalization of this issue, so that the perpetrators of these acts will face justice.
The director of the movie “Three windows and a hanging”, Isa Qosja stressed that through this artistic project, he,  together with the artists and the whole team, has tried to present one of the most serious injuries which has been left after the war in Kosovo.
President Jahjaga with director Qosja and with the team of the movie also discussed about the participation in international movie festivals, about the work and the challenges that they have faced during the realization of this movie.

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