President Jahjaga meets the Ambassadors of the Quint countries

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, received today the Ambassador of Great Britain, Sir Ian Cliff, the Ambassador of the Republic of France, Ms. Maryse Daviet, the Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Germany, Mr. Matthias Kiesler and the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the Republic of Italy, Mr. Salvatore Marino, whom she informed on the activities of the Kosovo institutions in the prevention and combating of extremism and radicalism.

President Jahjaga stressed that the issue of extremism and terrorism is treated with particular priority and said that together with the safety mechanisms has coordinated the institutional actions to deal with these threats.

President Jahjaga stated that Kosovo will never become an exporter of extremism and terrorism will not be transformed into a base for such elements. She said that Kosovo will work closely with friend countries to eradicate this menace not only for Kosovo but also for the region and beyond.

The Ambassadors of the Quint countries highly valued the commitment of President Jahjaga and the relevant security institutions emphasizing the support of their governments in preventing and combating the threat from extremism.

President Jahjaga during the day has received in separate meetings the Director General of the Kosovo Police, Mr. Shpend Maxhuni, the Director of the KIA, Mr. Bashkim Smakaj and the Acting Chief Prosecutor of State, Mr. Sylë Hoxha, and highly praised the work of each institution in ensuring and preserving the national security.

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