President Jahjaga received Admiral Bruce W. Clingan and General Salvatore Farina

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today at a meeting the NATO Commander of the NATO Command, Admiral Bruce W. Clingan and KFOR Commander, General Salvatore Farina.

President Jahjaga praised the role of NATO in Kosovo in establishment and maintenance of a safe environment for all the citizens of the country and the help which the Alliance has provided to Kosovo in the field of security. She also praised the NATO help in training and instruction of the Kosovo Security Force.

President Jahjaga emphasized that Kosovo has made important advances in its relations with the EU and stated that she sees it as necessary the establishment of closer relations with NATO through the Partnership for Peace Programme.

Speaking in relation to the November 3rd election process, President Jahjaga said that the process has shown the political maturity and has also demonstrated all inclusiveness and the level of democracy in the country. Madam President also added that institutions of Kosovo are dedicated to, on November 17th, when the voting is due to be repeated in the north of Mitrovica, enable the citizens to freely and without fear vote for their legal and legitimate representatives.

She also said that security mechanisms in the country, including the NATO peacekeeping mission, have an important role to pray for the smooth proceeding of the electoral process and expects from them to guarantee the security for all the citizens of the country, in particular for the citizens of the Serbian community residing in the northern parts of the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.
Admiral Clingan and KFOR Commander Farina, informed President Jahjaga about the readiness of the Kosovo peacekeeping force, in cooperation with all the other security mechanisms in the country, on the day of the repeated voting in the north Mitrovica. They stated that KFOR is ready and will continue to guarantee a safe environment for all the citizens of Kosovo. 

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