President Jahjaga met with Estonian President, Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga met today with the President of the Republic of Estonia, Mr Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

President Jahjaga appreciated the help that Estonia has provided to Kosovo and the rest of our region and stated that the relations between the two countries must be expanded in all relevant fields.

President Jahjaga said that Kosovo has made great advancements in all the domains and after the end of the supervisory stage of its independence; it has taken all the responsibilities upon itself while it guarantees the equal rights for all the communities that live in the country.

Kosovo has proved that it has become a factor of peace and stability in the region, said President Jahjaga and emphasized that Kosovo continues to be a promoter of good neighbourliness and is open to cooperation with all the countries of the region.

Madam President also mentioned the progress that Republic of Kosovo has made on its European Integration path by being issued the visa liberalisation roadmap and by the commencement of the Feasibility Study.

Estonia could provide the necessary support and help to Kosovo during its European Integration progression, particularly in using its influence with the 5 EU countries that have not as yet recognised Kosovo, said President Jahjaga. She also said that the European perspective of Kosovo and other countries of the region must be made clear, as this will help in preservation of stability throughout the whole Western Balkans and would enable the establishment of friendly relations between the countries of the region.

President of Estonia, Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves recognised the achievements of Kosovo and appreciated the cooperation between the two countries. He said that Estonia is ready to provide help and support for all Kosovo’s democratic processes and particularly on European Integrations, by providing its experience.

President Ilves also said that Estonia might be in position to provide concrete help in other fields as well, particularly that of education and economic development.

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