President Osmani’s speech on the occasion of Japan’s National Day, Emperor Naruhito’s birthday, as well as the 15th anniversary of Kosovo-Japan diplomatic relations

Mr. Prime Minister Kurti,
Mr. Ambassador Mizuuchi,
Members of Parliament,
Mayors of municipalities,
Excellencies Ambassadors,
Distinguished guests,


It’s a real honor to stand here today among friends, among so many people who hold Kosovo and Japan so close to their hearts.

We’re here to extend our warmest wishes to His Majesty The Emperor Naruhito and the people of Japan, expressing our hopes for their enduring prosperity and good health.

In doing so, we also take a moment to celebrate Japan itself – a nation that has navigated an extraordinary journey through the annals of history, preserving traditions that have withstood the test of time. But most importantly, we honor its people. It’s their resilience and strength that truly embodies the spirit of the Japanese nation.

You know, despite the distance between us, it’s our shared aspirations, our commitment to our partnership, and our efforts to building a world where peace and democratic values lead the way, that really bring us closer together.

My visit to Japan, over two years ago underscored the shared commitment of both of our countries to continue working side by side to strengthen our partnership. A partnership that is rooted on the values that are the backbone of our societies—the hard work, the importance of family and tradition, and the importance of freedom and democracy.

And, it might just be through our shared love for Judo where our friendship shines the brightest, even though at times, we find our countries in friendly rivalry. But as the saying goes, “Only when Japan faces Kosovo, does it lose in Judo”.

Ladies and gentlemen,

During Kosovo’s toughest days, Japan stood by us, offering support that’s etched in the heart of every citizen of our Republic. Building our country together with us.

And now, with Japanese investment in Kosovo growing, with our youngsters getting the chance to study in Japan, with cooperation in arts, music and culture, among others, and with our strong cooperation on the international stage – we’re building bridges – real, lasting connections between our peoples.

Just yesterday, I was telling the Ambassador, we’re all in on continuing to work together to strengthen the foundation of our alliance and pave new paths for cooperation.

Mr. Ambassador, Kosovo remains Japan’s friend, Kosovo remains your credible partner and your democratic ally. You can continue to count on us to further solidify our partnership and take our cooperation to new heights.

So, once again, from all of us here in Kosovo, we send our warmest congratulations to Japan on the Emperor’s Birthday.

Now, you all know that I love studying foreign languages, but not yet Japanese unfortunately. But I have 13-year-old Buna with me today, who has joined me to teach me a little bit of Japanese. She’s been learning for quite some time because of her love for Japan.

So let me try this. “Ten no heika no, Otanjobi Omedeto Gozaimasu”, which means Congratulations on the Birthday of His Majesty, The Emperor.


Thank you.



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