The President visited Ferizaj, says that Kosovo has no citizens to lose

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, after the Municipality of Vushtrri, visited today the Municipality of Ferizaj, where she met with the municipal leadership and the citizens to discuss with them about the recent wave of illegal migration and to give the message that departure from Kosovo is not a solution for the citizens, but they and the institutions of the country must work to overcome the current problems and to construct and advance our country.

During a meeting with the mayor of Ferizaj, Mr. Muharrem Svarça, the President got informed about the situation in this municipality, which is greatly affected by illegal migration of the recent weeks.

Furthermore, President Jahjaga spoke with the citizens of Ferizaj, to get informed about their problems, the worries they have, to be close to them and to hear their voice.

“I came here to talk to the citizens, to see their condition, to speak to them about all the concerns, all the worries they have. Their main concern is the worry that we all share, that Kosovo is not how we have desired it to be after the war ended and after the declaration of the independence. We are all aware that the state-building process is a long process, a process that takes time, a laborious process. But we must pass this entire process together through the work of the local institutions, through the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, through the legislative institutions, and through the municipal levels which should cooperate”, said President Jahjaga during the visit in Ferizaj.

Of all the the citizens I met today, I requested from them to appeal to their relatives, their family members, their loved ones, to tell them that escape is not a solution, because Kosovo knows best what it is to escape, because 15 years ago we have passed a phase when thousands and thousands of citizens have fled from our country, added Madam Jahjaga.

Today, Kosovo is in a process when it needs its citizens. We do not have citizens to lose. I made this appeal also to the municipal officials and all citizens, that we must be mobilized together to build our country. We still have much work to do. We will be successful only if we are together. Escape is not a solution. We must face and jointly find solutions to all issues, said the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga.

President Jahjaga also visited the company “Promoplast”, in the village Greme of Ferizaj. Like many businesses in the country, this company is affected as well by illegal migration. One of the employees who has migrated illegally, but returned to his family and to his place of work, has spoken about  the vicissitudes through which he has passed, and has appealed to everyone not to take the illegal migration route, because it is not a solution, because they will return to their country even poorer. 

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