The President: Heroism of Sali Çekajt will remain an inspiration and pride to young generations

Prishtina, 19 April 2018 – The President of the Country, Hashim Thaçi, attended the Remembrance Academy marking the 19th anniversary from the fall of the hero Sali Çekaj.

President Thaçi said that we are remembering and honouring the life and work of a co-warrior and compatriot who put all the moral, intellectual and physical energies to the service of motherland.

“Sali Çekaj, since 1981, ranked himself as it should and needed, with the student movement, which strongly united all the citizens of Kosovo around the request for step-up the Kosovo`s status to Republic. 1981 marked the great political turning point, making it clear the determination of Kosovo's path towards liberty and liberation from communist Yugoslavia, namely the Belgrade administration. As a lawyer, Sali Çekaj is among the first to draft the status of Municipality of Deçan by implementing the principles of the Kaçanik Constitution. As many activists, Sali Çekaj share the same fate of many man persecuted by Serbian police, and therefore he was forced to reside out of Kosovo. Although an emigrant, Sali Çekaj played a unifying role among the Albanian diaspora living in western countries. As a professional man, he loved justice but also knew that freedom was the fundamental condition to any justice,” stated President Thaçi.

With the outbreak of the war for the liberation of Kosovo, President Thaçi said that Sali Çekaj, along with other officers, with high conscience and professionalism, responded to the historical momentum.

“Sali Çekaj joined the Kosovo Liberation Army by giving new impetus, energy and professionalism. Therefore, he was the synthesis of an intellectual, guerrilla, lawyer and military man, warrior and the leader in the fight for freedom. All these qualities of him are showed in battles,” said President Thaçi.

Head of State emphasised that Sali Çekaj incited courage and hope in war sites and bore with honour his battle nickname “Veterani”.

Commanders Agim Ramadani and Sali Çekaj, according to President Thaçi, are the best evidence that the war for freedom creates the type of fighter who is ready for supreme sacrifice.

“They, from commanders became leaders, and from leaders to heroes. We today, are proud of their name and acts. Just as we are proud of each of the martyrs,” stressed President Thaçi.

President of the Country emphasized that in our institutional and collective memory, the heroism of Sali Çekaj and other fighters will remain an inspiration and pride for generations to come.

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