President Thaçi: Trust in Common Values, Foundation of Partnership and Friendship with Great Britain

Prishtina, 19 April 2018 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, tonight attended the celebration of the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, organized by the Embassy of Great Britain in Kosovo. President Thaçi said that in events like this one brings to mind the good and positive things we have.

Thaçi further stated that he takes pride in the fact that Kosovo has had the support of Great Britain in its journey towards freedom, equality and justice.

“London has always been one of the most voiced supporters of our aspirations for freedom and equality. We will always be grateful for this. We and the citizens of Kosovo express this gratitude to our friends and supporters by engaging for sustainable peace, stability, rule of law and prosperity in the region and everywhere in the world,” said President Thaçi.

In addition, the head of state stated that Kosovo and its citizens are blessed considering that they have always known how to support and advance Western civilization values.

“It is the belief in common values that constitutes the foundation of the partnership and lasting friendship between Kosovo and Great Britain,” he declared.

Thaçi added that Kosovo has marked a decade as an independent and sovereign state and has been consolidated both internally and in the international arena.

“Our country has been recognized by more than two-thirds of the world and has joined many international organizations. We are on the right track to accomplish our aspiration for EU and NATO integration. In addition, as a civilized society, we are determined for dialogue and good neighborliness with everyone, including Serbia. However, our job is not over. Kosovo today is part of the democratic world and proudly gives its contribution to defending the common civilized Western values, which continue to be threatened,” said Thaçi, further underlining, “We are determined more than ever to jointly defend our societies, our way of life, co-existence, co-operation and tolerance “.

According to Thaçi, this keeps us close to each other, no matter how many mountains there lie between us.

“This will always keep the friendship between Kosovo and Britain strong. Therefore, let us give a toast for Her Highness Queen Elizabeth, wishing her a long life and good health,” concluded President Thaçi.

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