The definition of joint policies and the coordination of our actions as a region will help us determine the priorities and enables us to jointly increase our relevance and strengthen us as a factor in the international arena.

Honorable representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo,

Honorable foreign ministers,

Honorable participants of the conference,

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Our initiative to organize such a conference speaks to the readiness and the need that our countries have to be actors that contribute to the building of ideas, concepts and the undertaking of concrete actions in the transformations of the multipolar era.

This transformation in a global scale, which follows the end of the era of polarization, the rise and decline of superpowers and the enormous changes in international decision-making structures, paves the way to a period we’re now entering, the era of integration and partnership, the era of unlimited opportunities for our countries.

As the leader I convey to you the evidence and the arguments of a country that has often found itself in the crossroads of history.

This experience has give direction to new practices in international engagement, in the form of humanitarian intervention, which brought about freedom and democracy, a norm that is being used in the international relations to establish the democratic system and restore the values of civilization in the countries that are suffering under dictatorial regimes.
The definition of joint policies and the coordination of our actions as a region will help us determine the priorities and enables us to jointly increase our relevance and strengthen us as a factor in the international arena.

The joint action enables us to see the world as balanced by several powerful decision-making centers, characterized by economic interdependence, the interdependence of markets and resoruces, the geopolitical and geostrategic influence.

This is a contribution to peace and stability and the pursuing of the policies of European integration. It is an incentive that given our experience and our goal for the future encourges us to cooperate with one another in the area of security, political stability, the strengthening of institutions and the democratization of the society.

I am confident that as a region we will achieve the building and the transformation of our institutions and policies so that they are in line with the highest international standards and effective in preventing the threats that may challenge our countries today.

The war against organized crime, international terrorism, trafficking of human beings, narcotics, contraband and all negative phenomena, remains a permanent priority of our countries. By cooperating and exchanging experiences we can prevent and fight efficiently these ills at state level but also on an international scale.

It is a necessity that the Republic of Kosovo, a sovereign and independent state that is now a factor of stability in the region, becomes an equal member of all the international organizations, security mechanisms and whose capacities, trained by NATO and American standards, with the aim of equal participation in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions in the world.

Like all the countries in the region, Kosovo aims the integration in the European Union and NATO. As a country we seek to build and further strengthen our strategic and permanent partnership in the United States of America, because we share the commitment for the common values of freedom and democracy.

Kosovo follows the policy of good neighborly relations with all the countries.

It is built on the principle of citizenry, where all the citizens are equal regardless of their ethnic, religious and racial background. As a country we respect the sovereignty and the integrity of other countries. It is clearly stated in our Constitution that Kosovo does not have territorial claims toward other countries.

Our countries have gone through a painful history, with difficult consequences for all. Drawing lessons from the past, we support the principle that all the countries and all the peoples are equal. Regardless of their size or territory, we all make a contribution in the preservation of peace and stability, leaving forever behind the politics of hegemony, of threats of use of violence and of historical revisions and ideologies of hate.

Dear conference participants,

The world today is multipolar and this multipolarity is expressed in terms of influence and as a rapport in international relations in many ways. We have the powerful countries like USA, Russia, China, Japan, India, Pakistan and Brazil as military powers, countries with influence in the region and beyond, but also as economic powers. 

The European Union, as a union of independent states remains to be analyzed as a phenomenon that so far has not been seen in the history of the world.

I believe that the world’s multipolarity today is not measured by the strength of individual states, nor by their impact in the world peace or domination and influence in a certain continent. This is one view but I do not think of it as inclusive or significant.

I believe what constitutes multipolarity today are European Union, NATO and the United Nations, that rally states and nations that have a vision with a foundation in dignity, freedom, equality, but also reciprocal assistance and implementation of harmonized policies.

The countries of the region are presently oriented to help each other, to apply these principles and to align our actions because we believe that this way we can build a more prosperous future for our people and countries.
At this moment, the region has a unique chance, maybe an only chance, to be a constructive, strong and voiceful part in the building and strengthening of the infrastructure that carries forward this process of integration in this era of partnership.

By welcoming you to the Republic of Kosovo, I wish that your participation in the conference will pave the way to new paths of cooperation and will provoke new ideas.

Thank you!

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