The First Gentleman of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Prindon Sadriu met the Albanian counterpart Mrs. Armanda Begaj

The First Gentleman, Prindon Sadriu, met on Tuesday in Tirana with his counterpart from Albania, Mrs. Armanda Begaj.
In his capacity as a diplomat, the First Gentleman is in Tirana to represent the Republic of Kosovo at the forthcoming meeting of the Adriatic Charter (A5). At the same time, Mr. Sadriu is leading the security consultations at the level of the foreign and defense ministries.
The two counterparts discussed matters of mutual interest, as well as the further strengthening of interstate and fraternal relations.
During the meeting, discussions focused on bilateral relations. Special focus was given to cooperation and synergy in various fields, as well as the support they provide in the exercise of constitutional functions to the heads of both states.
Mr. Sadriu informed Ms. Begaj of the work and engagements related to the organization of the second edition of the Women, Peace and Security Forum (WPS).
The two interlocutors also discussed their international agendas, both individual ones and those within the framework of official visits by heads of state.
In addition, attention was paid to regional and global challenges, with emphasis on the importance of solidarity and cooperation in addressing common threats to regional peace and security.
The First Gentleman expressed his readiness for the next meeting in Pristina, during the WPS proceedings, affirming his steadfast commitment to the continuation of cooperation with the First Lady of Albania and her team.
Mr. Sadriu stated that he is looking forward to the further advancement of joint objectives.

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