The Acting President of Kosovo Dr. Jakup Krasniqi receives Sweden’s Ambassador to Kosovo Mr. Lars Wahlund

“Kosova has inherited many difficulties from its history, but the story of Kosova is the story of those that have supported it and must jointly follow through with it”, the Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Jakup said today during a meeting with Sweden’s Non-resident Ambassador to Kosovo Mr. Lars Wahlund, who presented his credentials.

At the meeting, Mr. Krasniqi thanked Ambassador Wahlund for the quick recognition of the Republic of Kosova by Sweden and for the continued and unreserved assistance that Sweden has and continues to provide to our country in every field.

He underscored that the Euro-Atlantic integration remains a permanent objective for the people and institutions of the Republic of Kosova – an objective in which Kosova engages continuously and which it expects to be accomplished soon – and that Kosova expects the support of Sweden and other countries of the European Union in this direction.

Ambassador Lars Wahlund emphasized that Sweden supports the speediest integration of Kosovo into these institutions and said he was ready to provide all its assistance in this regard.

He also expressed his commitment to deepening further the cooperation between his country and the Republic of Kosova. 

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