Statement of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Atifete Jahjaga

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Atifete Jahjaga expresses her regrets towards the cancelation of the long awaited inauguration of the Road of the Nation due to a protestation by a group of citizens at Gjurgjica village.

Inauguration of the “Ibrahim Rugova” Road of the Nation, a joint undertaking of a grand scale, is an accomplishment of a dream and of a lengthy aspiration.

The Motorway is a realization of our vision towards connections to European corridors, corridors that will finally break down the barriers among us.

We express our regret and sorrow that such a magnificent achievement could not be inaugurated today.

President of Kosovo calls upon citizens to show the wisdom that has characterised us as a society when we were faced by difficult challenges in the past, challenges we overcame victoriously and to trust the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo on the execution of their responsibilities.

We assess that the right to protest, must not in any circumstance become an obstacle for the citizens who wish to celebrate our achievements, achievements towards the wellbeing of the citizens and our state, which is being built upon the bases of a legal state.

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