Statement of the President of the Republic of Kosovo

After consultations with the heads of the institutions, with the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament, in order to inform them of my decision, I call for dialogue the parliamentary political parties in an effort to overcome the situation created in the country.

Violent acts and the discourse both within and outside the institutions during the last few days are unacceptable, and as such they endanger the democratic consensus in the Republic of Kosovo.

It is my mandate as the President of the country to guarantee the democratic functioning of the institutions and to serve as a factor of unity, and upon these grounds, I call upon Kosovo’s parliamentary political spectrum to ace pt this invitation for dialogue related to disagreements of these last few weeks.

Invitations to political subjects, both governing and opposition ones, have already been sent for, initially, separate meetings in my office, to be concluded- in good faith, with a joint one.

I hope that this initiative of mine will help address the disagreements with political maturity, and to demonstrate our engagement for enlivening of our dedication to a parliamentary democracy which strengthens the institutions, strengthens the trust of citizens in the perspective of their country and establishes the basic agreement for our path ahead.

I call upon the political parties and their representatives to respond to the invitation and show the will to jointly find a common language in order to exit the current situation.

Now, more than ever, is the time to prove to all the citizens who have entrusted us with the leadership of this state, that their desire to live in peace, to have a safe future for them and for the coming generations is not just a promise which fades away at the first challenge, but is an obligation, a word of honour stating that our differences, of any nature, we shall overcome through discussions at a table, where we shall find solutions together a take responsibility for them as well.

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