Statement of the President of the Republic of Kosovo

President of the Republic of Kosovo praises the voting at the Parliament of Kosovo on ratification of the agreement on normalisation of relations with Republic of Serbia as step ahead towards establishment of the foundations for a peaceful relationship between the two sovereign and independent states.

Agreement helps the stability and peace in the region and opens the road of European integrations for both countries. It creates bases for establishment of the rule of law and order on the whole territory of Republic of Kosovo and opens a clear perspective for the citizens of the Serbian community residing in the northern municipalities of the country on their integration into the Kosovar society and its institutions.

President Jahjaga expresses her apprehension in relation with today’s developments at the Parliament of Kosovo and emphasized that tendencies to prevent the democratic functioning of the institutions is an unacceptable manner of expression of political dissatisfaction.

The Parliament of Kosovo, as a legislative body elected by the vote of the nation, must not be hindered from exercising its duties and from the approval of decisions of importance for the country.

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