Statement of President Jahjaga on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the commencement of the NATO bombings

The NATO air strikes on the Serb military and police targets were made in defense of peace, the prevention of genocide, forced eviction of the population, the destruction of life and property of the citizens of Kosovo.

These attacks were the most humanitarian actions in the history of the North Atlantic Alliance, as a powerful determinant of the democratic world against the aggressive policies and in protection of the civilian population.

In the marking the 16th anniversary of the NATO air strikes, when the beginning of the return of hope for the people of Kosovo for a new life is marked, we express our everlasting gratitude to the USA, the member states of the EU and NATO s, who with commitment were engaged to the protection of the values of civilization and gave the opportunity for Kosovo today to be a place of free and equal citizens. 

The international solidarity, evidenced through the NATO action 16 years ago, shows the humanity of the advanced world and its commitment to respect the values of democracy, becoming a hope for peace and security, for a peaceful and secure life, for progress and development for all people and states.  

On this 16th anniversary, Kosovo is proving to be the best example of the building of a society of equals, without discrimination, of respect for cultural and religious diversity and the building on the foundations of democracy. A state, which proves the joint success of the citizens  and the institutions of the country and the international community, an important factor of peace and stability and good neighborliness, an internationally recognized state with clear goals of membership in the EU, the UN and NATO.

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