Statement by the President of the Republic of Kosovo

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, assesses that early general elections of June 8 were held in a calm and acceptable environment with a satisfactory participation of the citizens throughout the country, including the northern part. President Jahjaga congratulates the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo for their participation and their contribution in conduct of a democratic process.

Eventual irregularities are being reviewed by relevant mechanisms to ensure that the free vote of the citizens and their political will is guaranteed. President Jahjaga would like to thank the Central Election Commission, police, and prosecutors for their efforts to ensure a fair and transparent process.

President Jahjaga notes the commitment and the engagement of political entities and parties, as well as that of the candidates in these general elections for the good conduct of the election process.

President Jahjaga appreciates the engagement of local and international monitors, including the EU observer team, that have attentively monitored the process, granting it international legitimacy.  President Jahjaga also thanks the OSCE, EULEX, and KFOR for their support in ensuring that all of Kosovo’s communities were able to participate in these elections in a safe and secure environment.

Kosovo and its citizens have passed this test of our state consolidation in dignity and maturity. It is of outmost importance that in the coming days we demonstrate the same determination and to contribute to the completion of this democratic process, crucial for the future of our country.

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