President Jahjaga’s speech at the “Evaluation of the implementation of the action plan on increase of efficiency of the prosecutorial system in fighting of corruption” Conference

I have the pleasure to be here today at the Kosovo Law Institute which has through this thorough study, offered a compilation on implementation of the plan on fighting of corruption and organised crime.

Honourable Chief State Prosecutor
Honourable Prosecutors and representatives of the security institutions of Kosovo,
Honourable representatives of the diplomatic missions in Kosovo;

I have the pleasure to be here today at the Kosovo Law Institute which has through this thorough study, offered a compilation on implementation of the plan on fighting of corruption and organised crime.

Such compilations by all means are of value to all mechanisms mandated to fight the negative phenomena in the country, particularly the fighting of corruption, as they intend to provide an overview of successful practices and of the challenges which institutions, civil society and citizens of Kosovo must address to fulfil the vision of building a state of law, integrated into the Euro-Atlantic family.

Today we are at a decisive moment for the future of the state, which depends on our actions today in facing the challenges ahead of us. We are at an important period for the country, when processes through which we go through are determined by our bravery and the strength to act. And our acts depend fully upon our will, political will as well, because the phenomenon of corruption and organised crime cannot be eradicated just because we wish to see it gone.

For a long while now the society of Kosovo has been hearing, from either the leaders of state institutions or you, mechanisms mandated to fight these phenomena, daily pledges for zero tolerance to corruption. For many years we are moving in a circle, looking for those culpable in our midst for not achieving concrete results. And for an even longer period, that these phenomena have been molesting the society in general, and its poorest strata in particular.

Corruption damages democratic processes and in particular it targets the rule of law. Corruption is touching upon the quality of life of our citizens, destroys the main cells of the society and leads to other dangerous phenomena. It can also hit hard upon the most important values of our society.

And therefore we must stop it!
We have dedicated ourselves to the building of a state which treats all its citizens equally before the law and that that no one can be above the law, that our will to build the state of law is a reality and that future cannot be hindered by anyone that trespasses the law. You are at the forefront of the institutions mandated to fight the negative phenomena in the society. The burden might have fallen upon you as equally as it has upon the leaders of the country to, while demonstrating our will and support for you, prove that we shall not hold hostage the future of our youth.

We must prove this together, take the responsibility in the fighting of corruption. We want our citizens to move freely in EU countries, as do other citizens of this region.

Therefore we need strength and will!

We want our citizens to live in a country of great opportunities, economically developed one. Economic development and foreign investments in Kosovo as well as the establishment of a sound business climate cannot be endangered by corruption.

War against corruption is fought on every level, both central and local. War against corruption cannot be fragmental, selective and incomplete. It is an all encompasing war, fought on daily bases and coordinated by all institutional mechanisms.

This is why we need the inclusion of the whole society!

We owe it to the citizens of Kosovo, but above all it is our obligation to work together and to find the best ways to provide them with a better life. Therefore, we need a faster establishment of the institutions of the country, and it remains a responsibility of the Members of the Parliament to show readiness to untie the knots for the functionalisation of the institution for which they have been voted for by the citizens of the country, thus enabling the approving of a number of laws which will help fight corruption and organised crime. Laws which must be applied and respected.

And above all, laws which require our courage and our will and strength to move ahead in building of an unblemished state of law, in which the wellbeing of our citizens will be a priority.

We are continuously demonstrating that we have built sufficient professional capacities which are being able to harmonise with each other in order to deal with serious threats to our national security. I have no doubt that results in will not be lacking in forthcoming battles on enlivening of our pledge to building of Kosovo as a democratic and prosperous state.

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