President Jahjaga’s speech on the Kosovo Security Force Day

It is a special honour to be here in front of you today, to mark the Kosovo Security Force Day in an extraordinary day for you, respectable officers. A year which crowns all the untiring work, dedication and the success achieved by you through the years in order to achieve full professionalization and to contribute to the realization of the vision we carry for our state and standing by the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo as well as playing an active role in strengthening of the subjectivity of our state.

This year, celebration of the KSF achievements, has taken a new dimension and a concrete shape in the success officially proclaimed by the NATO on achievement of full operational capacity of the KSF. This is an important step in paving of your sustainability and opening of a clear perspective for the future of the security force.

There is no doubt whatsoever that KSF will be an important mechanism of the implementation of emergency policies and of the security of our country during our Euro-Atlantic integrations path, as well as in the engagements and contributions provided by the Republic of Kosovo through the joint missions with our partners, with whom we share values of a free world living in peace.

Please allow me to, on this occasion, express my appreciation for the contribution of the Commander of our Security Force, General Kadri Kastrati and the KSF leadership.

Generals, I thank you for the leadership you demonstrated and for the dedication  shown in order to build upon sound foundation, led by our aim to create a full security infrastructure, in compliance with the needs of our state and in harmony with our national interests to become a factor of peace and stability in the region and beyond.

I would like to cordially thank you, dear KSF Officers, for lining up with pride today and for reflecting and sharing with the citizens of Kosovo today, your continuous dedication for the fulfilment of our common aim, for our Kosovo, and for the implementation of a clear vision of becoming a part of the Euro-Atlantic structures. I would also like to thank your families, for standing by your side and for the support they provide in fulfilment of your noble mission.

On this important path and facing of the challenges awaiting us in the future, closely related to your field of work, we have the support of NATO and its peacekeeping force in Kosovo as well as of the American National Guard through their monitoring and concrete backing offered to the Kosovo Security Force for the accomplishment of all the tasks it is mandated with.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
KSF Officers;

During the last decades, our country has gone through many transformative processes, from which we came through with courage and commitment to in fullness make the dream of many a generations who sacrificed so much for our freedom, become a reality.

I say it with full conviction that Kosovo of today is a realisation of this long lasting dream and an implementation of the clear vision of its citizens, with the support of the international community, to build a new Kosovo which breathes freely.

This very same dedication is governing the process of the review of the security sector, an extremely vital process for the future of our country, for the very first time being undertaken by Kosovo for Kosovo.

The success of your further reforming and professionalization is guaranteed by the courage, bravery, patience and your dedication to fulfil your mission for a peaceful and democratic Kosovo, for a society who’s primary aim is the investment in the safety of each of its citizens and in which each citizen cooperates with the institutions in faith that they exist for the sake of their defence and to engage with honour in easing of the lives of the citizens.
I am convinced that our dedication to preserve the values and ideals upon which we swore and oath and to strengthen and advance the cooperation with our strategic allies will never be put to doubt.

Very best wishes for your day honourable Officers!  Congratulations to you Kosovo Security Force on this day of yours!

I congratulate you for your dedication to Kosovo and realisation of its Euro-Atlantic future!