Many years ago, when we started the building of Kosovo’s justice system, we made it clear that the state of law is built upon the rule of law and order, and where implementation of the Constitutionality is the foundation of the statehood.

Honourable participants,
Many years ago, when we started the building of Kosovo’s justice system, we made it clear that the state of law is built upon the rule of law and order, and where implementation of the Constitutionality is the foundation of the statehood.
Building of a sustainable, professional, impartial and politically non influenced   system of justice marks our incessant endeavours to functionalize it and to make it more acceptable and more trusted by the citizen.
Kosovo’s endurance as a state where the rule of law prevails helps our moving ahead. Rule of law and efficient courts are crucial parts which guarantee the general progress of our society and advance our European integration processes.
You have done lots of work by now. You have started a process of deep reforms of the justice system and this process must be accomplished all the way to the end. These reforms must be intensified not only within the sphere of legislation but also in building of best policies for its implementation, as this functionalizes
our democratic system through the guaranteeing of the integrity of the courts. This enables our functioning as a whole unit.
Reforms in the field of justice are a great step of ours which shows that we are ready to take upon ourselves the responsibilities. It shows that we know and that we can make Kosovo a country where rule of law prevails. Rule of law also includes the help which us as institutions must offer to all the marginalised groups in order for them to have access to justice. Because us-the Citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, are equal in front of the law and Constitution and because the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo must guarantee this right.
It falls upon your shoulders, as judges and men of justice, to erect a system trusted by the citizen, because with your personal and professional integrity you become the best example of the functioning of the state and you establish general principle in society, the implementation of the legality and constitutionality on the whole territory of the country.
The performance chain of the institutions mandated to implement the law, including the courts, prosecution as well as the Kosovo Police, must be unbreakable, as this guarantees full implementation of the law and this regains the faith of the citizens in your institutions. But you are independent in your work, and this independence must be converted in positive results, including sustainability for the society as well as the state.
On November 3rd elections, we demonstrated that institutions of justice are efficient and that they can mobilise in defence of the rights and freedoms of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. This is only one part of the test. Tomorrow, we must demonstrate that we are a politically mature society, because the system which we have built guarantees the inviolability of the vote and the freedom to decide for oneself. This guarantee on the freedom of the vote must apply to each citizen, anywhere, in all parts of Kosovo, and in the northern part of the territory of Kosovo, for the Serbian community, in order to enable them an easier and safer integration into the society and the institutions of the country. It is our joint task to make Kosovo a state of all of its citizens, regardless, a state with full integrity.
Tomorrow, it will be our joint task again to show the strength of the state of law, which guarantees the inviolability of the vote of the citizen, thus helping the process of full democratization of our country.
Honourable citizens,
We must still bring to conclusion another battle of ours; battle against corruption and organised crime. The war on these phenomena we have turned into a priority of our work, in order to win over them and to show that we want to build a democratic state of highest standards, for the wellbeing of the citizen and its future. Let us not consider this as only another of the criteria on European integration, but as a standard of our society, pure, without corruption and organised crime. Let us prove that the future of the coming generations is safe and let us not allow to be considered as gutless by them for not doing our job.
And at the end, I congratulate you on this organisation and I encourage you to continue with the creation of such policies on best implementation of the laws in force. I guarantee you that all the initiatives on strengthening of the law and order will have my support.

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