Speech of President Atifete Jahjaga in the parade in honor of the Independence Day

Republic of Kosovo, a sovereign and independent state, with guaranteed sovereignty and territorial integrity and with full international subjectivity, as an important factor of peace and stability, celebrates today the fifth anniversary of its independence, on the 14th anniversary of our life in freedom.

Honourable citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,
Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers,
Honourable family members of all those who serve in KSF,
Honourable Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Krasniqi,
Honourable Prime Minister Thaçi,
Honourable Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers of the Government of Kosovo,
Honourable President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Nishani,
Dear ministers of defence of Albania and Macedonia,
Honourable Ambassadors and Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Kosovo,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Republic of Kosovo, a sovereign and independent state, with guaranteed sovereignty and territorial integrity and with full international subjectivity, as an important factor of peace and stability, celebrates today the fifth anniversary of its independence, on the 14th anniversary of our life in freedom.

On this day, we remember and honour all those who worked for the fatherland. Those activists, intellectuals, fighters, workers, farmers, those citizens who through all of their living days gave an immense contribution towards building of a just society. A society of free people and equal citizens. Towards building of a democratic state where rule of law and order prevails and with institutions responsible towards its citizens.

Republic of Kosovo today is a major contributor towards development of neighbourly relations in the region and bilateral relations which aim towards membership in European Union and NATO.

We, the people of Kosovo have begun a new chapter of our history- the chapter of peace, understanding, cooperation and respect between people and countries, aware that citizens of Kosovo, as all citizens in other countries of the world, deserve a dignified and free life, in taking our fate in our own hands, with help from our international friends, who contributed in our consolidation as a democratic state.

We are building a new vision for our country and our people, a vision of a clear Euro-Atlantic future.

We are dedicated to incessantly work, in order to reach all the standards and fulfil all the criteria that will enable republic of Kosovo become a member country of the European Union and NATO, in permanent, strategic and sustainable friendship with the United States of America.

Republic of Kosovo follows a policy of good neighbourliness with all countries, and as a democratic state we respect the sovereignty and integrity of all other states, in the same manner as other states respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo.

Honourable citizens,

Republic of Kosovo deploys all of its capacities in the field of order and security in function of rule of law and order, with full respect for the highest norms and standards in the field of the protection of the Human Rights and Freedoms.

These capacities are interconnected with NATO, European and international security structures, thus becoming a part of and contributing toward the building of the global security architecture.

For this mission, to advance our security structures and to establish rule of law and order, we have the strong support of KFOR and EULEX, international missions which we have invited to our country, which we thank for their dedication towards Kosovo and for their help in securing peace in our young country.

Kosovo Security Force, with its dedication and high sense of responsibility, with its incessant work and trained in accordance with the highest NATO standards, is one of the most respected institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.

Kosovo Security Force, being a professional and efficient force, ready for all emergencies and for participation in humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, holds a key position in compilation and implementation of the security policies of our country and in  fulfilment of our strategic aims towards integration in EU and NATO and in laying the foundations of a stable and peaceful democratic force which carries in itself a glorious past, stable present and a secure future, in accordance with the vision of the Republic of Kosovo as a state built  upon the principle of equality and  freedom for each citizen.

Republic of Kosovo, since the liberation of the country, has established the institution of the Kosovo Police, a trustworthy institution which enjoys the respect and honour, for their professional work and for their service to all citizens.

Kosovo Police, trained in accordance with the highest European standards, is providing its exceptional contribution towards maintenance of order and public peace and towards prevention and fighting organised crime, smuggling and corruption, by unbiased application of the law.

Honourable members of the Kosovo Security Force,
Honourable members of the Kosovo Police,
Honourable members of the emergency and civil service structures,

Your parade today honours your work, your professionalism and your decision to, by placing yourself in service to the state, you place yourself in service to the citizens. Your dedication distinguishes you. Your family members are proud for your service. The State, Republic of Kosovo, appreciates your engagements.

This parade is a symbolic one, but very meaningful, because it shows that today, you have the ability to accomplish every task. It shows that fatherland believes in you and it shows that our international friends, who have invested on your training and professionalisation, are satisfied with the result of this cooperation.

We, as institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, will continue to provide support and backing in order that as special structures you attain the highest service standards. To be fully equal with the structures of the EU member countries.

Honourable citizens,

The freedom and independence of the country have been won by the hard work of all people of Kosovo. This victory has been achieved by a strong international support, of our friends, most of all the United States of America and countries of European Union, and by the military intervention by NATO.

This obligates us to build a democratic state and society. To create a peaceful and safe environment. To build a country in which all citizens work and live freely. Let us take our country forward, let us contribute in our respective fields, by valuing and respecting the work and dedication towards the advancement of the fatherland.
Happy Independence Day.
God Bless Kosovo!
God Bless Kosovo’s friends!

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