Speech by President Thaçi at the memorial dedicated to the fourteen Serbs killed Gracke of Lipjan

Today, I laid a wreath at a memorial dedicated to the victims of a horrendous crime that took place seventeen years ago, when fourteen Kosovo Serbs were killed while working in the fields.

Today I pray with pain and sadness for all the victims of all communities, during and after the war.

This criminal act was an act not only against the victims and their families but also an act against freedom and the democratic future of Kosovo.

Therefore, every crime must be brought to light and punished.

We must shed light, once and for all, to what had happened with the missing persons, whether they are Albanians, Serbs, Roma or members of other communities.

We all have a responsibility to work towards this goal. We have a responsibility towards their families and for the future of our children.

We must help each other in this.

he pain of every mother for the loss of their loved ones is the same

Today, as we are working to build peace, reconciliation and cooperation between the nations of our region, it is important to reiterate that for a sincere reconciliation we need justice.

As Kosovo, we have achieved a lot since the end of the war, seventeen years ago.

We are now building bridges of communication and cooperation.

In the near future, this will bring trust and reconciliation between communities.

With justice being served reconciliation will happen, and reconciliation will occur in the near future, because there is a will for this.

Only reconciliation and cooperation will make Kosovo, and the region, truly European.

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