Today’s holiday, recognized as Europe Day, is a special day to us, to the countries of the Balkans that aspire to join the free peoples of EU.

Honorable European Union Special Representative, Mr. Zbogar,
Honorable Ambassadors and Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
Honorable Prime Minister Thaci,
Distinguished Ministers,
Honorable Minister for European Integration, Mrs. Citaku,
Distinguished Assembly Members,
Civil Society representatives,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today’s holiday, recognized as Europe Day, is a special day to us, to the countries of the Balkans that aspire to join the free peoples of EU.

This holiday symbolizes progress, as well as unity in one family that shares common values, and a clear vision and goals for a better life for citizens.

The values and successes of the European Union with its transformative power have inspired many countries to undertake reforms to the benefit of the citizen.

We, the Western Balkan states, have the opportunity to follow with will and pride the ideals and the vision of European Union on the path towards the consolidation of our domestic democracies, advancement of our neighborly relations, and throughout our common journey towards Europe.

The democratic future of the Republic of Kosovo relies on a sustainable legal system, guaranteeing the protection of citizens based on the political ideas of European heritage and on the best practices of democratic countries.
The implementation of the Constitution and respect for the rule of law and order ensure the state of law that enables our secure accession to the European Union.

By ensuring security, prosperity, as well as creating equal opportunities and conditions to our citizens for fulfilling their lifetime dreams, We, the countries of the Western Balkans also work in meeting the necessary standards for the integration of our peoples and countries in the European Union. 

We are committed to living in peace and stability by building good neighborly relations, by respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each other, and by helping each other on the path towards Euro-Atlantic integrations.

Our common policies and the coordination of our actions as a region helps us define our priorities, it enables us to jointly enhance and consolidate as a factor in the international scene, which is also characterized by economic interdependence and an interconnection of our markets and resources.

It is crucial for the Republic of Kosovo, a sovereign and independent state, as a factor of peace and stability, to become an equal member of all international mechanisms and organizations, while giving its contribution in all current processes.

The European Union, as a union of independent states, is an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of humanity. I think that today the multi-polar world we live in is not measured by the power of individual states, nor with the impact and domination of a particular continent, but with the participation and contribution of each state in the international structure of peace and stability.

I see today multi-polarity in European Union, NATO, and United Nations — alliances that gather societies with a common vision based on dignity, freedom, equality, and reciprocal assistance.

Today, we, the countries of the region, are oriented to help each other, to coordinate our actions, because only in this way we can build a more prosperous future for our peoples and our countries.

We are at a crucial moment in fulfilling our dream towards European Union integration.

The launch of the Feasibility Study for Stabilization and Association agreement, as well as the beginning of the process of visa liberalization dialogue, which offer new opportunities for the citizens of the country and for our economy, marked a new page in the bilateral relations between the Republic of Kosovo and European Union.

Free movement of people, goods, and capital, which are considered by European Union as fundamental principles, are also crucial principles for the citizens of Kosovo.

We are committed to fulfilling all our obligations and criteria in the path of integration of the Republic of Kosovo in European Union. Our citizens rightly demand from us to continue fulfilling the political, economic and legal criteria towards European Union membership with full commitment and political will. However, the success of our integration into Europe depends on all of us: the institutions, political parties, civil society and all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

With a unanimous political will, Europe is emerging from each battle even stronger. Europeans’ commitment to find ways of strengthening the democratic block demonstrates with all seriousness and with full responsibility that current challenges do not threaten EU’s vision and mission for a united Europe. We are confident that the European Union will fully meet its vision only when all countries of the Western Balkans join the European family.

Mr. Zbogar,
Distinguished participants,

On this symbolic day that we mark today, I wish to reiterate the commitment and willingness of the Republic of Kosovo and all its citizens to join your family, with confidence that our allies and partners trust us, just as we have confidence in the ability and transformative power of the European Union. Together we will overcome every challenge that we encounter on our way towards Europe.

On this day, let us raise a toast for the vision of a united Europe of free peoples!


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