The word of President Jahjaga at the 100th anniversary of the Assembly of Junik

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga participated today in the celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the Assembly of Junik.

Also, President Jahjaga took part in the cornerstone laying ceremony for the 100-year anniversary memorial of the Assembly of Junik, as well as at the inauguration of the regional center for tourism.

Below we bring the word of President Jahjaga:

Honored citizens of Junik,

Honored citizens of all parts of Kosovo and Albania, who have come here today to jointly
celebrate this milestone date of our history,
Honored President of the Assembly, Mr. Krasniqi,
Honored Prime Minister Thaçi,
Honored Ambassador Lauka,
Honored Mayor of the Municipality of Junik, Kuçi,
Honored Mayors of the Municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo,
Honored leaders and representatives of the Municipalities of the Republic of Albania,

I am honored to be here, in Junik, the place where 100 years ago the leaders of our nation were gathered and defined the path of freedom and independence. A path which lasted for a long time and that with the declaration of the Independence of the Republic of Kosovo the ideal of many generations who never stop working for the national liberation, independence and democracy was immortalized.

Precisely in this place, here in legendary Junik, for the first time a concrete national program was drafted adapted to the conditions and circumstances of time, supported upon the muzzle of the gun, in the armed uprising that brought the free wavering of the flag in heroic Vlora on 28 November 1912.
Our nation has a glorious history, for which we are proud. The Assembly of Junik presented internationally the political demands for the recognition of the subjectivity and sovereignty of the Albanians in all ethnic territories.

These requirements, while respecting the internal and external reality, aimed the autonomy of Albania within the Ottoman Empire, the establishment of the Albanian administration throughout the territory, assigning the Albanian language with the national latin alphabet as the official language, the raising of the national flag throughout the country as well as the appointment of a governor general by the heirs of the families of the Albanian princes. Also, it was requested by the big powers of that time to be guarantee for the implementation of these requirements.

Honored citizens of Junik, because we all are in Junik today,

Our efforts for the freedom and independence of the Nation and the Country, for the creation of the state, lasted very long, more than for all other peoples.

We then, did not have the support of the neighboring nations in our struggle for freedom, even though we fought and helped the independence of all the surrounding states.

Even though we had the opposition and the military intervention of the neighboring states, who massacred the population and occupied our lands, we survived the trials of history and managed to preserve our national, biological existence and today we are free and come up for ourselves, being a factor of peace and stability, powerful and respected, to build a brighter future.

We today, as never before, have the support of our international friends, the United States of America and the European Union countries.

Our efforts to be free, dignified, and equitable and owners of our lands never stopped. Therefore we today, all together and free, are celebrating and honoring our historical events.

On this day, let us remember the work, commitment and the sacrifice of the most expensive sons and daughters of the country.

Let us remind the ideologist of the Albanian uprisings for independence Hasan Prishtina, the originator and architect of the independence of the Republic of Kosovo, our President Ibrahim Rugova, his wisdom and foresight, the legendary commander Adem Jashari, his dedication, courage and heroism. Let us remember here all the members of the glorious war of the Kosovo Liberation Army, which amongst its ranks had many brave heroes such as: Sali Çeku, Luan Haradinaj, Fehmi and Xhevë Lladrovci, Agim Ramadani, Zahir Pajaziti, Edmond Hoxha and many courageous boys and girl, for who, today, people have erected monuments.

Freedom and Independence were not easily won.

The freedom and Independence of the Republic of Kosovo is irreversible and will be defended at any cost.

Brothers and sisters,

Each generation has its own ideals. Each generation makes effort considering the time and the possibilities it has. We must not be slave to the ideas and concepts of the past. Each generation has its dream and every time selects the most acceptable means and methods to accomplish its goals and objectives.

We, Albanians as a nation, wherever we are, wish to live in peace and harmony to all the peoples of the world.

By respecting the ideals of our forefathers, we now intend the path of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, becoming a member country of the European Union and NATO.

This is how we defend our independence and freedom, this is how we ensure the future of our children.

The Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania, two independent and sovereign countries, are using all opportunities today to build, develop and advance the relations for the benefit of all citizens.

Today we are stronger than ever before in history. Because we are together. We help, we honor and have understanding for each other. We respect the rule of law, by working non stop for the fatherland and for our European future.

We are a modern nation, develop and progress every day. We embrace new ideas, technological achievements, market competition and contribute to the contemporary world developments.

Honored citizens,

Let us love each other, work with dedication, determination and sincerity. Let us keep our word and promise. Let us accomplish all of our ideals. Let us build a better, safer and happier future.

The Assembly of Junik, with slogans for freedom against slavery, united the entire Albanian people, brought freedom, brought the independence of Albania and Kosovo.

Happy 100th anniversary of the Assembly of Junik!
Happy 100th anniversary of the Independence!

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