President Thaçi receives an invitation by civil society to visit Presheva Valley

Prishtina, October 19th 2018 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, received today at a meeting the representatives of the civil society and the media representatives from the Presheva Valley. President Thaçi thanked them for the work they are carrying out in promotion of the rights of Albanians, in very dire circumstances.

“Citizens of Presheva, Medvegja and Bujanoc are the most discriminated community in Europe and this situation must be resolved once and for all”, said President Thaçi. The head of state said that at this meeting they also spoke about the request of the political leaders and of the Albanians in the area towards the respecting of the referendum held in 1992 for the unification of the Presheva Valley with the Republic of Kosovo.
“As the President of the country, I strongly support this right. I feel pleased with the fact that over 95 percent of the citizens support this idea, which can be brought to life through the correction of the border”, added the President. He also reiterated that a legally binding agreement should be reached with Serbia, which will ensure the mutual recognition between the two states, recognition by 5 EU member states, removal of the Russian veto at the Security Council and so on.

Representatives of the civil society and of the media, from the Presheva Valley, invited the President to participate at a discussion table and a promotion of a book on Presheva Valley, which aim to promote peace and stability in the region.

“I thank you for the invitation to participate at the book promotion and the round table, aimed at promotion of the peace in the region. I will evaluate all the possibilities to attend, at time which you have planned for the activities”, said President Thaçi.

Activist Sevdali Hyseni of the Perspektiva NGO said that they have transmitted to President Thaçi the apprehensions of the civil society and of the local population related to the difficulties they are facing.  

“We told him that the cultural life in the Valley is at a very low level, it resembles the one which existed at the times of the dictatorial regime. Without the development of the education, language and culture, we cannot have social and national progress”, said Hyseni.    

He also said that at this meeting they also spoke about the idea of the border correction, process which would enable the unification of Presheva, Medvegja and Bujanoc with Kosovo

 “The idea of border correction is a right one and at a right time.  Through very few media we are trying to affirm this idea. The borderline must be corrected so we do not have any further troubles in the future”, said Hyseni.


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