President Thaçi commences the marking of the KLA Epopee by bestowing awards on 56 KLA soldiers

Prishtina, March 5th 2020 – President of the Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi, at the marking of the first day of the Kosovo Liberation Army Epopee, bestowed honours on 56 former KLA soldiers, who were part of the war from the very first days until the end of the war.

President Thaçi said that today we remember the heroic and magnificent war of the legendary commander Adem Jashari, his family, all his brothers in arms and all then heroes who fell on the war trenches.

“As the President of the country, I highly praise the contribution of all the fighters, but also the magnificence and the strength of the resistance, said the President Thaçi adding that the miracle of the victory achieved by the Kosovo Liberation Army has been made greater and prettier the sacrifice, the bravery and the participation of the women and girls in the Kosovo Liberation Army.

The head of state that this was a voluntary participation, as a national obligation, in order to resist the Serbian army and police.

“We won, and therefore today, 22 years after the heroic war of the legendary commander and 12 years of independence, I have decided to, as a your co-fighter, but also as the president of the country, respecting the constitutional and legal obligations, and in praise of your exceptional and historic contribution to the Kosovo Liberation Army war for freedom and sovereignty of the country, to bestow awards in honour of your contribution, “added President Thaçi.

He also pointed out that today we also remember all the fallen for the freedom, we remember the wounds and the sacrifice of the war invalids, we highly praise the contribution of the Kosovo Liberation Army veterans.

“We praise the contribution of every citizen of Kosovo for the liberation and independence of the country, we highly praise the contribution of the Albanian diaspora and we eternally thank our international friends, first of all the United States of America, who did all they could to stand next to us and with us to win over evil, to win over those who perpetrated genocide, ethnic cleansing and massacres in Kosovo,” said the President.

President Thaçi will today pay his homages at the “Adem Jashari” memorial centre. 

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