President Thaçi accepted the European Commission Report from Ambassador Apostolova

Prishtina, May 30, 2019 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, accepted today the “European Commission Report on Kosovo” from the Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Nataliya Apostolova.

President Thaçi said that Kosovo, as a state, as state priority has the membership into the European Union.

“Many successful reforms have been made to this end, but of course there are still challenges. Therefore, Kosovo remains willing to cooperate and committed to engage in the deepening of reforms in the identified fields”, said President Thaçi.

The Head of State has expressed his disappointment that the report deals more with the tax and little with the real assessment of certain fields.

The language used in the report, according to President Thaçi, describes Kosovo as a state which has made almost no progress since the declaration of independence.

The most commonly used phrase for the assessment of the fields set out in this report is: “Kosovo is in the early/initial stages in each field”.

This assessment and the language used, according to President Thaçi, does not objectively reflect the situation in our country.

As we accept the criticis and are aware of the challenges, President Thaçi has said that we can not allow the unfair treatment the EU has towards Kosovo to infinity.

The Head of State estimates that this report discourages the continuation of reforms, especially in the field of rule of law and order.

Speaking about the relations of the EU with Kosovo, he stressed that the EU should be principled and should not keep Kosovo isolated.

Visa liberalization should take place immediately and without any additional conditionality. On the contrary, according to President Thaçi, the credibility towards the EU will be seriously damaged.

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