President Sejdiu contemns last night’s incident in Mitrovica

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu condemned the incident that occurred last night in Mitrovica, emphasizing that such events mar the image of Republic of Kosovo and only serve those who oppose peace, stability and welfare of all the people of the country without ethnic or religious distinction.

President Sejdiu called on everybody to remain moderate and not to fall in the trap of various hooligans, who engage against the law and against our joint achievements and future.

President Sejdiu also condemned strongly the assault against EULEX and KFOR members, holding it a completely unacceptable and disgraceful act.

“EULEX and KFOR enjoy the full support of the people and institutions of Kosovo and we reaffirm our full commitment to maintaining our excellent cooperation for the best of all in Kosovo”, President Sejdiu affirmed.

On this occasion, he wished that the injured EULEX police officer, the KFOR members and the innocent people that suffered from acts of hooliganism will recover soon and carry on with everyday duties.

President Sejdiu urged respective law enforcement and security institutions to shed light on the case as soon as possible, to prevent such incidents from reoccurring and to bring the culprits to justice.


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