President Sejdiu and ambassadors of Quint member states visited the CEC

The President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu and ambassadors of Quint member states visited today the Central Election Commission, where they were updated on the process of municipal elections.

Speaking at the occasion, President Sejdiu said that Kosovo has on 15 November managed to overcome a great challenge that lay ahead, adding that the credit for this is well-deserved by all those that were involved in the process.

“It is a credit well-earned by the people of Kosovo in the first place, by political entities and institutions, the Central Election Commission and all those who were, in a way or another, involved in the process and who managed to preserve the good image of electoral processes that were organized in Kosovo after the war, to prove Kosovo’s perseverance in promoting values of democracy and to implement, in practice, our commitment and offer to ensure that each vote of our citizens is respected by all means. I use this opportunity to encourage participation of minority communities, with a particular emphasis on the Serb community, – as others have left behind the phase of hesitation earlier – and completion of the positive perception about the commitment of our institutions in general” – President Sejdiu said.

Further on, President Sejdiu expressed his appreciation for the great assistance that was provided during elections by various states, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the Republic of France, the Republic of Italy, the Federal Republic of Germany, and so on.

Speaking of the successful conduct of 15 November elections, despite some remarks that are normal for an electoral process, President Sejdiu said that we have embarked on carrying out he great task of ensuring a successful completion of the cycle on December 13.

“There will a second round of elections in 21 municipalities. I believe that it is going to be easier for many reasons. First, we had a chance to see our institutional potential to overcome the challenge successfully and this is already an experience. Secondly, we have identified the places when you have assessed that not everything has gone as smoothly as it should and we may correct these areas during the process. Thirdly, we have indentified potential areas that require a greater investment so that we can prevent occurrences that may, in a form or another, obstruct the process and, fourthly, I believe that following this part, which I would consider to have been a good exercise, you will manage to set your pace in ensuring a faster announcement of the results of the second round of elections” – President Sejdiu said in his address to CEC members.

“When I swore you in, you swore by Constitution and law, not by a political party. You pledged to uphold and respect the law and Constitution. This is your main mandate and I believe this mandate will gain in weight when you manage to implement the law and the Constitution, because all these are standards for our further progress and growth” – President Sejdiu added.

In the end, President Sejdiu praised the role that Kosovo Police has played in ensuring a normal flow of elections.

”I would like to express my acknowledgment for the role that the Kosovo Police have played. The police officers will not be a part of the process by exerting repression, but by enforcing law and order and by providing an effective safety that is necessary in each democracy” – President Sejdiu said.

He also spoke of the role of media. “I have a particular consideration for the role of information media. I know that somebody may favor one or another political group, which is quite normal. But, in general terms, I want to say that we have had a dignified media coverage of important events that the people of Kosovo have gone through during elections” – President Sejdiu affirmed.  

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