Joint statement by President Sejdiu and Prime Minister Thaçi on recent developments in Kosovo

Having attentively followed the recent developments related to politics, security and rule of law in Kosovo, the President and the Prime Minister of Republic of Kosovo state as follows:

Hereby we reaffirm our commitment to and engagement in providing for an effective rule of law in our country. Our success in ensuring the growth and integration of our country depends largely on our ability to preserve the rule of law and to offer a better future to each and every citizen of the Republic of Kosovo.

Our and EULEX justice institutions will take all the necessary measures within their remit to make sure that all the criminal offences that were committed after the war are thoroughly investigated and remain free of political influence.

We call for a complete detachment between politics and justice and a transparency required by law. Any non-institutional action shall be unacceptable to the institutions of Republic of Kosovo.

Once again, we invite the people of our country to retain the calmness and to contribute to stability in our country by confiding in justice institutions and by supporting them in carrying out their duties.

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