President Pacolli encourages an increase in Kosovo exports to Macedonia

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli and the President of the Republic of Macedonia Georgo Ivanov attended the Kosovar-Macedonian Business Forum, which was also attended by a large number of representatives of major companies of both countries.

The Forum was also attended by Government of Kosovo ministers Besim Beqaj and Blerand Stavileci.

Greeting business representatives gathered in the Forum, President Pacolli said business people help create a wider scope and that the wider the market, the greater will be opportunities to business growth and development.

He highlighted the need to hold similar business forums more frequently, maintaining that they would help enhance cooperation.

Further on, he spoke of misbalance in terms of exports between the two states. “Kosovo and Macedonia are strategic partners, but there is a misbalance between them. While Macedonian exports to Kosovo reach an amount of 450 million dollars, Kosovar exports to Macedonia only amount to 24 million dollars. I encourage business people to cooperate and change this misbalance” – President Pacolli said.

Having expressed his commitment to boost cooperation, President Pacolli also committed to remove all the current barriers.

“There should be no barriers between Kosova and Macedonia and free movement of goods, ideas and people should be facilitated. Movement of our people from and to our countries only with IDs must also be rendered possible in the future” – President Pacolli said.

On his part, the President of the Republic of Macedonia George Ivanov said good relations between the two countries should be strengthened on all fronts.

“Kosovo is a strategic partner to the Republic of Macedonia” – Mr. Ivanov said, adding that the Government of Macedonia pays attention and contributes to the creation of a good business climate between the two countries. 

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