Many activities carried out during the second day of President Pacolli’s official visit to Macedonia

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli has carried out many activities during the second day of his official visit to the Republic of Macedonia.

Following the Kosovar-Macedonian Business Forum, President Pacolli and the delegation accompanying him visited the Sistina Clinic in Skopje, from whose management he was informed of the functioning and the work done by the Clinic.

In the course of his visit, President Pacolli stayed in the town of Tetovo, where he was received by many citizens, whereas during a meeting with Mayor Sadi Bexheti he was updated on the general situation in the municipality and economic growth and cooperation with Kosovo and a range of other developments.

President Pacolli reminded on the occasion that the leaders and residents of Tetovo had helped the people of Kosovo when they had needed it the most, by opening their doors and sheltering all the people that had been expelled from Kosovo.

He also added that Tetovo might today be called an Academic Centre for all the Albanians living in the region, considering that Tetovo was an important centre of developments in this part of Macedonia and in the region as well.

President Pacolli emphasised that Tetovo was a development centre, and that it could improve cooperation with other regions further, especially with Kosovo. On this occasion as well, President Pacolli highlighted the need for more business exchanges and provision of conditions to improve cooperation, by facilitating the free movement of people, ideas and capital.

As an example, he mentioned the possibility of creating a free commercial zone in both sides of Sharri Mountains, in Kosovo and Macedonia. “It is possible to create a free commercial zone, but it takes people’s willingness to act. I call on the Government of Kosovo and the Government of Macedonia to start engaging in making this idea a reality” – he said, adding that the construction of the road connecting Prizren and Tetovo would provide much better conditions for economic cooperation and free movement of the people of both countries.

“Opening new border crossing points between Macedonia and Kosovo is another step towards implementing the idea of creating a favourable business environment that would contribute directly to the improvement of the lives of the people” – President Pacolli said.

President Pacolli also visited the Painted Mosque and Complex of Bektashian Tekke–Harabati, where he got acquainted with the history and the beauty of these religious sites and discussed a range of issues with their leaders.

In the course of his visit to the municipality of Tetovo, President Pacolli also visited one of the most successful companies in the area, the Renova Factory in the village of Xhepçishtë. The Director of the Factory Shefki Idrizi told President Pacolli the history of the factory and the company that he was managing and that had expanded its activity in several towns of Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

On his part, President Pacolli congratulated Mr. Idrizi on the job done and encouraged him to expand his business and cooperation with companies from Kosovo.

By the end of his visit, President Behgjet Pacolli also visited the Ecolog Company Main Office in Tetovo. During these visits, apart from the members of the delegation, Pacolli was also accompanied by the Deputy Minister in the Government of Macedonia Mr. Abdylaqim Ademi and other Macedonian government officials.

Speaking of the work done by the company, Mr. Lazim Destani also informed President Pacolli of company’s expansion all around the globe and of the fact that it employed 3500 people in 25 different countries. He also said that, following the employment of a large number of students from both Tetovo universities, Ecolog had become the company with the largest number of employees after state institutions.

President Pacolli congratulated Mr. Destani on the great work that Ecolog Company was doing and especially on the fact that it had expanded its business and become a strong supporter of many Albanian families of the area.

“It is a pleasure for me to be in front of people who understand me the best, in front of people who act, construct and create and who, above all, help others lead a better life” – President Pacolli said after the meeting.

“I am happy that I have visited a global company, a company that has always brought benefaction only. We had a constructive discussion. Kosovo needs entrepreneurs. Kosovo needs economic operators. With Mr. Destani we discussed the need for the company to spread its presence in Kosovo and for Kosovo to provide more room for economic cooperation” – President Pacolli said.

“We discussed construction of a modern hospital centre in Kosovo, construction of an academic centre in Kosovo and expansion of company’s presence in Kosovo” – President Pacolli said, hoping to increase cooperation with the company and wishing further success to its management in the future.

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