President Osmani’s speech at the traditional informative-cultural event with the motto “Early detection – Survival”

Honourable participants, thank you all for joining us on this important day,

Honourable Ministers,

Honourable Ambassadors,

Honourable Members of Parliament,

Dear Mrs. Nafije Latifi,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentleman,

Dear children,

Thank you to everyone who gathered here today as part of Pink Month, which is dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer awareness is not a single month campaign but permanent care through all the days, all the months and all years, without distinction.

It is a reminder for everyone to undergo regular check-ups as the best measure against the risk we face, for an early diagnosis, as this is the strongest weapon in fighting breast cancer.

During this month, we honor all those who have fought and survived against this evil. At the same time, we lovingly remember all those we have lost and pledge to continue our joint engagement in raising awareness and strengthening hope.

The pink ribbon reminds us that breast cancer knows no boundaries, age, gender, race, or social status.

As the President of the country, I am committed every day to support and push forward the initiatives, which aim to raise awareness against breast cancer, but also direct support to those who need support.

As around 400 women are affected by breast cancer a year, I have decided that every October, we will award 400 oncology packages to each affected woman.

Of course, we need permanent mobilization for this cause, focused not only on a month, but on every day of the year, because just as cancer never stops, neither should we in our efforts to help those affected any way we can and as much as we can.

Each of the stories of those affected by cancer is also a testimony of strength, courage, dedication and hope.

Therefore, pink October is a symbol of hope and solidarity, because only by staying united can we help more of those who have hope in us.

The dedication of those affected by cancer gives us reason to hope for a more optimistic future, perhaps even a future without cancer.

Honouring the survivors, remembering the loved ones that we have lost, and committing each of us to increase our awareness and support for individuals affected by cancer, I invite you today from “Ibrahim Rugova” square, to join us in the awareness march.

Thank you very much for your presence!

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