President Osmani’s speech at the official birthday of His Majesty King Charles III

Thank you, Ambassador.
I am very pleased to be here on this wonderful occasion.

Dear Ministers,
Former Presidents,
Members of Parliament, Representatives of Kosovo Institutions,
Excellencies, Ambassadors,
Distinguished guests,

I am very delighted to be here, at this special gathering to celebrate the Official Birthday of His Majesty King Charles III. This celebration organized by the British Embassy here in Prishtina, is not only a testament to the deep-rooted friendship between our two countries, but it also serves as a declaration of our commitment to shared values and our commitment to peace, and European unity.

On behalf of the people of Kosovo, I want to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our friends and partners from the United Kingdom for their unwavering support and friendship. As someone who has long served in the institutions, perhaps through some of the most pivotal moments in our history – from independence to recognitions – and much more than that, I know first-hand the immeasurable contribution that this great nation has made in our past, but also the role it will continue to play as we navigate challenges of the present and future. So, today, I hope this gathering will not only serves as a commemoration of His Majesty’s official birthday, but also serves to underscore the lasting ties between our countries and to celebrate 15 years of diplomatic relations, built on a strong historic foundation and nurtured by shared values and aspirations.

But the reality is, dear friends, Mr. Ambassador, that the bond between Kosovo and the United Kingdom goes beyond shared values. There are few places in the world where there is greater admiration for the Union Jack and what the UK represents in the world. For the people of Kosovo, that flag signified safety as British troops were the first to arrive in Prishtina. To the people of Kosovo, King Charles III represents someone who stood by us in the most challenging times and supported some of the people who bear the deepest wounds of war in our society. He continues that commitment today, as confirmed when I discussed with him earlier this year.

The friendship between our nations is not just a friendship, it is a special partnership forged in moments of adversity, and in moments of triumph. It is a partnership forged through mutual respect, cooperation and a shared commitment to a better future for ALL of Europe.

Whether it is in the field of politics, trade, culture, transitional justice, or education, the United Kingdom has been a steadfast supporter of Kosovo’s aspirations and a catalyst for our progress. And for this, we say not just thank you, but we stand ready to give back.

As we reflect on the occasion of the official birthday of His Majesty, let us remember the important role that the Royal Family has played in fostering national unity in the United Kingdom. And as we mark the first official birthday of the King, let us also remember the legacy of Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth II. In the past year, the United Kingdom lost The Queen, and this loss was felt deeply by people across the world, including the people of Kosovo. The Queen led her country, with grace and humility, and put service and duty above all. Her legacy, strength and resilience is going to continue to inspire generations to come.

Now under the leadership of His Majesty King Charles, I know the relationship between our two countries will only continue to strengthen. As a tireless champion of peace, diplomacy, and human rights, he will continue to be an important partner to the people of Kosovo.

In these challenging times across our continent, and even closer to home, I am certain that we will continue to count on the UK’s support, but I also want to say that you can count on us, you can count on the people of Kosovo. I am confident that by coming together, listening to each other, our shared values and determination will enable us to overcome obstacles and build a brighter future for our peoples.

And once again, on behalf of the people of Kosovo, Mr. Ambassador I extend my warmest wishes to His Majesty the King on this special day. To the British Embassy, thank you for hosting this event and for your steadfast support. And to all of our guests, let us continue to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation that unite our nations.

Thank you.

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