President Osmani’s speech at “The KLA Epopee” and the Day of the “Adem Jashari” Barracks in Pristina manifestation ceremony

Distinguished uncle Rifat,

Dear Jashari Family,

The honourable Speaker of the Assembly, Mr. Konjufca,

Honourable Prime Minister of the Republic Mr. Kurti,

Honourable KSF Commander Lieutenant General Bashkim Jashari,

Minister of Defense Ejup Maqedonci,

Dear officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers of the KSF,

Family members of the heroes, of the fallen and martyrs of freedom,

Veterans and war invalids of our Liberation Army,

Honourable diplomats and soldiers of amicable countries,

Deputies and ministers,

Dear participants,


Every time March 5, 6 and 7 comes, our memory returns to the days of pride and glory 26 years ago, when the heroic and unrepeatable battle in the history of armed resistance for freedom took place in the heroic Prekaz.

An entire murderous army against a single family.

The legendary commander Adem Jashari with his brother Hamza, uncle Shaban and over 50 other family members, fortified their tower and fought until the sacrifice.

Because their tower was Kosovo.

The Epopee of Prekaz and their sacrifice brought a change in the course of the resistance for freedom and independence. Thousands of boys and girls joined the Kosovo Liberation Army, ready to sacrifice their lives, just so that Kosovo would one day breathe free.

Dear participants,

As every other time, today is the special moment to express our appreciation, gratitude, honour and respect with deep bowing to the heroic Jashari Family, to all the heroes, the fallen and martyrs of freedom.

Honour and respect to all the KLA war veterans and invalids and to the families of all the fallen.

We deeply sympathize with all the families of our fellow citizens who are forcibly disappeared even after 26 years.

Although each of us carries the pride of the sacrifice for freedom over our pain, the wounds of Kosovo are still fresh.

The lack of justice and the impunity of Serbian war criminals has also emboldened their heirs, as was the case with Serbia’s aggression against Kosovo on September 24th.

But, on this glorious day, we remind you that the Republic of Kosovo is an irreversible reality, it is a consolidated state, with state sovereignty and territorial integrity that is clear and internationally recognized, with a constitution and institutions based on the highest values and standards and with a clear vision towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

We remind them that their hegemonic policies will once again fail, and that we will defend freedom and peace at all costs.

Dear soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers,

You, with your selfless engagement, outstanding service and high level of discipline and professionalism, are constantly proving that you have embodied in your personality and character, the highest values of loyalty, respect and integrity, with the highest motive and above all for “Duty, Honor and Homeland”.

You are proving every day that Adem Jashari lives in each of you, and that you will protect his trust at all times and in every corner of Kosovo.

From this magnificent manifestation, on this special day, a greeting with gratitude and special appreciation goes to all our military men who are currently in service, training and operations abroad, and who are holding the flag of the Republic of Kosovo high and proud, alongside the military forces of allied countries.

Eternal thanks and gratitude to all our allied countries, their armed forces and each individual soldier for their immeasurable contribution to building, developing and advancing the KSF into a modern, professional and interoperable force with partner forces, in the service of peace, stability and security everywhere in the world.

We all have an obligation to serve our country, that’s why we must work to commit ourselves to strengthen each link and element of our state.

The greatest honour for our heroes, martyrs and martyrs and in particular for the heroic Jashari Family and the legendary Commander Adem Jashari is the powerful and democratic Kosovo, with sovereignty in every corner and allies in every corner of the world.

Dear participants,

When we hear the song “Mora fjalë” from our little ones, and above all when we hear how it echoes among our army, we understand that it is more than a melody.

It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit best personified in the Jashari Family.

It is a call to all who dare to dream of a free world.

It is a verse that echoes the aspirations of generations and mobilisation for the triumph of freedom over tyranny and oppression.

In the echo of our history, we will always hear the verse “Mora fjalë”, a refrain that transcends time and space, and sums up our historical journey.

A phrase that speaks of the history of our heroes, who dared to challenge the shackles of oppression, stood up against the genocidal regime of Serbia and with unwavering determination lit the flame of freedom in the darkest nights.

Adem Jashari and the Jashari Family are the flame of the freedom that never goes out.

Eternal glory to the Legendary Commander Adem Jashari and the entire Jashari Family!

Eternal memory and honour to all those who fell for freedom!

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