President Osmani’s address at the Solemn Session of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, on the 26th anniversary of the KLA Epopee

Dearly beloved uncle Rifat,

Honourable iconic Jashari family,

Honourable Speaker of the Assembly, Mr. Konjufca,

Dear Prime Minister of the Republic, Mr.Kurti,

Ministers and MP’s

Dear ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions in our country,

Families of the martyrs,

Associations emerging from the war,

Municipality Mayors,

Representatives of central and local institutions,

Dear participants,


Every time March comes, our memories naturally return to the most glorious period of our people’s history connected to our efforts for freedom and statehood.

March is a month engraved in the annals of our nation’s fight for freedom, a month when the indomitable spirit of Adem Jashari and the Kosovo Liberation Army gave strength to the war against the genocidal regime of Milosevic.

Therefore, March comes again is no longer just a song chorus, it is the motto of memory and honour of our struggle for freedom and independence, which is undoubtedly identified with the main character of our struggle, the legendary commander Adem Jashari, his family and the entire Kosovo Liberation Army.

On the 16th anniversary of our country’s independence, the KLA Epopee marks its 26th anniversary.

On March 5, 6 and 7 1998, Shaban Jashari, Adem, Hamza and all the members of the Jashari family showed unparalleled heroism and sacrifice, protecting the threshold of their home. The threshold of the Jashari house, in fact, symbolized Kosovo itself.

In the face of tyranny and injustice, the colossus Adem Jashari personifies courage and steadfast commitment to freedom. He and his entire family refused to bow down and fought for the dignity and freedom of all of Kosovo.

Our insurgent Adem Jashari, fell on the altar of freedom together with his family members, thus becoming the eternal guardian of Kosovo, the eternal guardian of our blood-soaked freedom.

They led the battle for freedom, therefore for the stoicism, dedication and heroism demonstrated, we owe the legendary commander and his family and each and every fighter, each veteran and invalid of the Kosovo Liberation Army eternal gratitude!

Heroes are guides of our country’s journey, therefore we will honour their memory by preserving and cultivating the values for which they fought and fell.

Our journey has been arduous, our path full of challenges, but through it all, we have emerged victorious thanks to the sacrifice of our warriors. Our freedom and independence are the most precious thing we have inherited from them and as sacred as our heroes, whose blood is the foundation of our Republic.

The KLA epic determined our destiny as a people and as a state. It was the epic of our dignity, pride and freedom, with which, with extraordinary perseverance and endurance, it was proved that freedom has no price, which we are not ready to pay.

Therefore, today, the state of Kosovo stands precisely on the shoulders of our heroes, whose courage and sacrifice have shaped the destiny of our Republic, our holy Republic. We will serve this Republic with piety, just as all those fallen martyrs served the country.

The acts of Adem Jashari and the entire Jashari family are a testament to the power of the human spirit, a reminder that even in our darkest hours, we find strength as a people to rise above dire circumstances and fight for what we believe. He did, the Legendary Commander did, that’s why he became our eternal hero along with his whole family. He was more than a commander – he was a visionary whose courage knew no bounds.

Today, our country moves forward alongside the new generation of Jasharajs. With the young Adem, young Hamza, all the young men and women, who sing “Mora fjalë” in every corner of Kosovo. Today, the houses of Jasharajs pulsate with life. Meanwhile, we jointly continue the trajectory started since then, strengthening the state and protecting the life and rights of each one of our citizens

But our joint endeavor in this process is not over. Now, more than ever, unity on matters of national interest is necessary, because it is the only means to strengthen our state, its integrity and to honor the memory of those who sacrificed for our Republic.

It is up to us to write the new chapter of our country’s history, that of the development and international affirmation of the Republic.

Kosovo is our homeland that deserves our unwavering dedication every day!

God bless the Jashari family!

May God bless all the KLA martyrs!

God bless our Republic!


Thank you!

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