President Osmani's address held on the occasion of Parents' Month

Greetings everyone,

Dear parents and dear children,

A while ago, together with partners among whom also UNICEF, we started concrete cooperation in the field of early childhood development.

I am convinced that investing in the early education and development of our children is the key to a better future with faster development. Investing in the first years of a child is investing in their successful future and in our common success as Kosovo.

Today I want to thank UNICEF for the extremely correct cooperation, but also for the fact that it constantly provides assistance to us in turning words into deeds.

Therefore, I am glad that today we are meeting on a beautiful day like this to launch the Foleja (Nest) application – the first application dedicated to parents of children aged 0-6 years.

As a mother, as a parent of two daughters, I know very well the importance of useful information – accurate information in a speedy manner in the first days and years of parenting. As parents, you need more than ever to learn, to understand, and then to turn your knowledge into lessons and actions that make your child's life better.

Being a parent is an art in itself. On this journey advice is never sufficient.

During the early years of childhood, parents grow and learn together with the child. Therefore, launching an application like Foleja, which is accessible in Albanian and Serbian, is an additional asset and a golden opportunity for parents to contribute through their sacred role to the continuous advancement of their children.

The first lessons, the first thoughts and the first tips define the trajectory of a child's development. Every word, every action, and every game matters. I wish that your journey as parents is always characterized by prudence, courage, dedication and love – love for your loved ones.

Congratulations on Parenting Month, thank you UNICEF – let the party commence and the joy prevail! And don't forget to download the Foleja app right away!

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