President Osmani's address at the State Reception in honour of the 14th anniversary of Kosovo's Independence

Distinguished participants,
Honourable Speaker of the Assembly, Mr. Konjufca,
Honourable Prime Minister of the country, Mr. Kurti,
Honourable Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, other members of the Government Cabinet,
Distinguished Members of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo,
Distinguished diplomatic representatives, ambassadors,
Distinguished former presidents, former prime ministers,
Representatives of security institutions,
Distinguished guests from the Iowa Guard who honoured us with your visit today,
Honourable and dearly beloved representatives from Presheva, Medvegja and Bujanoc,
Respectable media representatives,
Dear citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,
Fourteen years ago, all our citizens gathered in the squares and streets of Kosovo to enjoy and breathe the fresh and sweet air of independence. In no place all around the world you could not see happier faces, brighter eyes, and cheers of enthusiasm and hope for our new-born state – the Republic of Kosovo: a free, independent and sovereign state.
On this anniversary, just like every other year and in every day of our work, the painful acts of unparalleled sacrifice for the state and for freedom, as well as the acts of unceasing resistance to realize our dream of democracy, an independent state and freedom run through our memory. Therefore, even today we remember our statehood  and liberation leaders, starting with the historic president, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova, who made known to the world the great anguish of the citizens of the country who were being oppressed under a horrid regime and who secured the respect of the whole world for their determination to live freely, on their land, as part of the democratic world, and continuing with every hero and martyr of this country led by the legendary commander Adem Jashari and the Jashari family. We are eternally grateful to the liberators, visionaries, all activists and patriots. 
Distinguished participants,
Our Kosovo is becoming day by day the Kosovo we have dreamed of and worked for many a generation. Every stone laid so far in our foundations is taking its full shape through the daily work of those who give true meaning to independence. I'm talking about medical staff, I'm talking about soldiers, policemen, firefighters, farmers working our lands and fields, workers in the public or private sector, about our daughters and sons, husbands and wives, the elderly regardless of their age, and above all for our children, for the future of our country. It is you, that is why Kosovo is there. It's you, so hope breathes.
In these 365 days of the journey since the last time we met for the state reception on the occasion of marking of our Independence Day, many colours of pride were added to our Kosovo. The flag of Kosovo so proudly and with much dignity waved in all 4 corners of the world. Our country experienced many emotions, whether in the Olympic Games, in the most renowned film festivals around the world, in the brightest musical stages, on the ski slopes, in competitions in mathematics, science, information technology, and so on. Through Mrs. Fahrie Hoti and the women of Krusha, through Yllka, Blerta, Kaltrina, Samir, through Duaa, Rita, Kiana, Albin, Majldina, Distria, Akil, Nora, Loriana, and many, many others, the name Kosovo sounded much more different, sounded much much better. The name of Kosovo became synonymous with triumph, synonymous with champions, success and excellence. We are always grateful to all of you, and to all who will follow your example. All of Kosovo bows before you, and we are eternally grateful to you!
And most of the names I just mentioned have one thing in common: in the year we left behind, our girls and women triumphed. In the past year, our girls and our women lead us with their successes. And rightly so, this year our symbol of independence, the NEWBORN obelisk, is dedicated to our women and girls, who, despite the challenges and difficulties, always continued to keep their wings high. For all of you who today enjoy the days of freedom, but also for all those who sacrificed their lives for freedom, for all women who seek and deserve justice even today 23 years after freedom has arrived, for all mothers who still do not know about the fate of their children, but never give up – for all that you represent and for the strength you have shown every day, we bow to you.

Dear citizens,

Challenges, of course, are present. Some are global and we cannot avoid them, and some are internal and we are working together to overcome them. But I want to assure you that for both we have the will and the readiness to face and overcome them. And I am sure that as so far, the friends who stood by us in good times and in difficult days, will continue to be by us, and many others will join them.

The achievements to date make us proud, but also give us additional motivation to make Kosovo an even more dignified place for our equally dignified citizens.

Happy Independence Day to all citizens of our country!

God bless the Republic of Kosovo and its friends!

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