President Osmani's address at the selection ceremony of the first round of super schools organized by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO)

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Vjosa Osmani – Sadriu participated today at the selection ceremony of the first round of super schools organized by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO). With the support of the German government and of the European Union, the first round of super-schools, high schools from all over the region that will participate in the first cycle of the Western Balkans Super School Exchange Scheme, has been successfully selected.
Following is President Osmani-Sadriu's address in full:
Distinguished guests,
Mr. Ambassador Rohde,
Madam Ambassador Butel,
Dear representatives of RYCO here in Kosovo and all you school representatives,
It is a pleasure to be among you today and thank you for the invitation.
I'm really pleased that we have gathered here to welcome an initiative that combines two elements that I consider essential to the development of sustainable, modern, intelligent and societies prepared for the challenges of our times.
There is no better way to build bridges of communication and collaboration than through education and the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and best practices. We all have a common goal and that is that our countries, our societies, and our young people in particular, live and develop side by side with each other in the spirit of cooperation, the regular exchange and genuine communication.
The earlier we invest in the barrier-breaking mentality and the more often we convey the clear message of the importance of regular communication, intercultural learning and commitment to dialogue, the more likely we are to build a better future, in the spirit of understanding, solidarity and partnership.
Today I want to congratulate the organizers here at RYCO, all those involved, all the schools and also the European Union and the German Government through the project implementer, GIZ, together with the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation (RYCO) for supporting a very original and valuable project such as the Superschools project.
It is extremely promising that 6 high schools from Kosovo have been selected as beneficiaries of this grant in the first cycle, thus qualifying for the opportunity for student exchange with other high schools in different countries.
What caught my attention the moment I accepted the invitation and an element for which I congratulate you, is the fact that for the first time, schools from Kosovo will have the opportunity for school exchanges with all countries in the Western Balkans. While the exchange is extremely important and valuable with every country in the region, it becomes especially special when it enables overcoming the barriers rooted over the years with some of the neighbouring countries.
In the field of education, culture, science, and sports, cooperation must always come first. It is precisely the cooperation in these areas that enables us to then gradually overcome even the problems sedimented over time. This cooperation enables us to open new horizons of understanding with each other. Above all, it enables us to take important steps towards the building of lasting peace.
We will hear a lot from you today about exchange plans and ideas, concrete projects, about well-defined steps for the coming months because you will be engaged in various programs, sessions and training in which you will discuss and learn about issues such as diversity, tolerance, customs and traditions, vocational education to cuisine technology, doing business, trade and much more.
But what matters is that all this is being done for a much greater purpose. In addition to learning a lot from each other, in addition to identifying new and sophisticated methods of teaching and learning, you will above all share your own stories and learn from the history of others, make friends with young people and you will promote your country. You will already become our ambassadors in the field of education.
During this journey, I hope we all understand that this is more than just a project. This is a golden opportunity for you to show who you are, where you come from, and to show your potential to do extraordinary things that you will be envied on.
Projects like super schools should be more frequent. Because, these types of projects, in addition to contributing to the achievement of the primary goal, also offer opportunities to open doors in countries and areas in which cooperation with which has been minute or totally lacking.
Through the education sector we create endless opportunities to build our brighter, more promising, more dynamic, and more collaborative futures. Therefore, opportunities like these should not be missed at all. They must be used wisely, prudently, and with great dedication.
Through super schools, you have the opportunity to display pages of the book of the modern history of our Republic, proving to peers from different countries that in Kosovo there is tremendous potential, that there are ideas, there is creativity, there is wisdom, but above all, there is passion and commitment to education and knowledge.
I wish you many successes on this important journey. Enjoy every activity and every stage in the coming months. Bear in mind the importance of embracing every opportunity with an open mind and open heart. This is the best opportunity to grow, to mature, to be the best version of yourself. Thank you!

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