President Osmani handed over the Kosovo Flag to the Olympic team: Our athletes continue to be the best ambassadors around the world even in countries that have not recognized us

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Vjosa Osmani – Sadriu, at a special ceremony held today handed over the Kosovo flag to the Olympic team participating at the “Beijing 2022″Winter Olympics.

President Osmani thanked them for the extraordinary work they have done not only throughout this year but for a long period in order for Kosovo to be represented by two professional skiers, by Albin Tahiri who also participated previously at the Winter Olympics, and by Kiana Kryeziu, a 17-year-old, the first girl to participate at the Winter Olympics and reach the Olympic norm.

“Both will represent the Republic of Kosovo with honor and pride, and just like all our athletes will continue to be the best image of our Republic in the world. I want to thank them for their extraordinary endeavors with their coaches, the Federation, the Kosovo Olympic Committee led by President Krasniqi, and all others who have been engaged in order for Kosovo to continue to excel in various sports “, said President Osmani. 

The head of the country said that of course we look forward to their success, but, according to her, their representation so far is an extraordinary success for our country, “because athletes are continuing to be our best ambassadors around the world, and even countries that have not recognized us are continuing to raise our flag.”

President Osmani said that with the excellent performance of our athletes in the world we will see an additional contribution to many other countries which have not recognized Kosovo. 

“I hand over the flag of the Republic of Kosovo in this ceremony, which is small due to the pandemic measures, to our skier Albin Tahiri to carry it with honor and pride in a country which has not recognized us, but I am convinced that with we will see the excellent performance of our athletes in the world as an additional contribution to many other countries that have not recognized Kosovo, but through you, they will see the true face of our state, the true image of our state,”  stressed the President.

Meanwhile, the President of the Kosovo Olympic Committee Ismet Krasniqi, said that it is a special occasion and pride for us to today receive the flag of Kosovo from the President.

“Only 90 countries from all over the world are participating. Among these 90 strong countries and from this very big competition we have two athletes from Kosovo who will participate and represent Kosovo in the best possible way. Albin mentioned that it has four norms with four disciplines and for four days in a row Kosovo will be mentioned in the state of China, the flag of Kosovo and the name of Kosovo, as well as Kiana. So, for us it is a great success, and I hope that with honor we will carry this flag and we will return proud from “Beijing 2022”, said Krasniqi. 

Whereas, the President of the Ski Federation of Kosovo, Milaim Kelmendi, said that with pride and with special pleasure we are here today at the President's Office, to receive the blessing and at the same time the flag, to present our country in the most dignified way we can. 

“I inform the President that the Ski Federation of Kosovo for these 20 years as a country, has managed to be in competition with all Balkan countries, which means it is participating in an Olympics with two athletes, and the Balkan countries that surround us, there are those who participate only with one athlete,” said Kelmendi.
The skier Albin Tahiri, who will represent Kosovo in the Winter Olympic Games “Beijing 2022”, has expressed pride that he will represent Kosovo. “Thank you, Madam President. I am very proud. I am not a flag bearer of Kosovo in words alone, I am proud of the flag of Kosovo with my heart,” said Tahiri.

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