President Osmani’s address at the official opening of “Hardh Fest”

Thank you Honourable Mayor Latifi for the hospitality,

Dear Ministers, Minister Peci and Minister Hajdari,

Dear mayors of municipalities,

AAK Chairman, Mr. Haradinaj,

Dear organizers of “Hardh Fest”,

Guests from Albania,

Dear wintners, entrepreneurs who always give energy to such organizations and of course unsparing support,

Distinguished participants,

It is a pleasure to be today in the capital of agriculture, the capital of grapes, in Rahovec, on a special day such as the beginning of the grape harvest.

Today is a special moment, which intertwines the process with the fruits of labor. Rahovec winegrowers today begin to harvest what they have cultivated and I am very optimistic that you will have a prosperous grape season!

We are here in the largest vineyard and winery in Kosovo, to celebrate not only the grape harvest, but also the result of the effort, dedication and fertility of the land of Kosovo.

The grape harvest proves to us that time and nature are our most valuable allies.
The skillful Rahovec winegrowers are keeping alive an old tradition, which did not start with us, but with our ancestors, with the Illyrians.

The annals of history say that the Illyrians were known for cultivating vines and producing high-quality wine.

You are continuing this ancient tradition, you are economically revitalizing Rahovec and all of Kosovo.

It is said that the story of a wine begins with the vine, so today you are starting the harvest campaign, of course, you have in mind the quality of Rahovec wines, which have already become part of the markets in many countries of the world.

The grape harvest is the result of your human effort and the miracle of nature. Today, this grape is on our tables and that of every Kosovar as a proof of the abundance of Kosovo’s land and as an asset that helps our economic revitalization as a country.

Therefore, this day is not just a moment, but a celebration of our connection to the earth and to each other, and evidence of the interweaving of the natural cycle with our lives.

This feast brings joy to your homes and the homes of every inhabitant of Rahovec because grapes are usually shared with others.

Every grain of it is your golden toil and sweat. On this day and for our grapes, we should all raise a toast and there is no more appropriate place to raise the glasses than the Hardh Fest, which is promoting Kosovo through wine grapes, all over the world.

In view of this legacy, of course, throughout the years to come, the Presidency of the Republic of Kosovo will take its role in supporting this annual celebration of the prosperity of our land.

Hardh Fest is a festival of grapes and wine but also of friendship. Here, tradition and modernity are fantastically interwoven as a dedication even to those who are careful before these vines give us the desired grapes.

This festival represents the harmony of tastes, cultures and traditions. While enjoying the taste of grapes and wine, let’s also reflect on the hard work of the skillful vinegrowers and winemakers, who transform these grapes into a work of art that pleases our eyes but also our souls.

Our vineyards not only produce delicious grapes but also contribute to the preservation of the environment, reminding us of our responsibility to care for and protect our natural assets for the generations that will come after us.

Cheers everyone! May the harvest be as bountiful as your passion for grapes and wine!

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