President Osmani’s address at the graduation ceremony of new police officers of the 58th Generation of the Kosovo Police

Thank you very much,
Honourable Prime Minister Kurti,
Deputy Prime Minister Rexhepi,
Honourable Ministers, Sveçla and Mehaj,
Honourable Director Hoxha,
Senior Police staff and academic staff of the Academy for Public Safety,
Honourable KFOR Commander,
Kosovo Security Force Deputy Commander
Dear officers and police officers of the Kosovo Police,
Officials of partner countries,
Dear Cadets of the 58th Generation,
And above all, dear proud family members

Today is an important day for all of us, as we have gathered to celebrate the graduation of the youngest members of the Police force of the Republic of Kosovo.

I stand before you with pride and great honour, as you demonstrate the culmination of your hard work, dedication and commitment to serve the state and to protect all our citizens.

Let me express my most heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of you!

Graduating from the police academy is no small feat. It requires discipline, persistence and a determined desire to uphold the principles of justice, security and the rule of law.

Today you have shown that you possess the necessary qualities to serve as guardians of the state and of our citizens!

Remember that the badge you wear represents not only the authority you have been given, but above all the hopes and aspirations of our citizens.

Your actions will shape public perception, as your engagement to upholding of law and order will determine the legitimacy of our law enforcement institutions.

Today I stand before you full of pride and great respect for each one of you at these moments when you will take the sacred oath to fulfil the duties defined by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, and you will join your colleagues to take on the responsibility for maintaining order and public safety in the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo as well as the responsibility for border control and protection in direct cooperation with the local authorities, as well as with our international partners.

The current challenges, threats and risks to state security relate Serbia’s traditional conventional and unconventional threats to our country, alongside the complication caused by organized crime, corruption, terrorism and transnational crime.

As a result of dynamic global developments, the dividing line between external and internal, regional, continental and global threats and dangers has become almost invisible, therefore it is necessary for the Republic of Kosovo with its institutions to become a full member of Interpol and Europol.

The Republic of Kosovo as a member of Europol and Interpol will improve the effectiveness and cooperation between member states in preventing and fighting organized crime in the international dimension, knowing that the Kosovo Police was built and developed according to the most advanced models, values and standards of countries of western democracies.

Dear participants,

I am very pleased that among the 419 new policemen, we have 85 policemen from the ranks of non-majority communities and 47 girls and women, which already reconfirms the great trust of our citizens and from the ranks of the communities in our Police, as well as the determination of our women and girls of all communities to serve and contribute to the mission of security, freedom and rights for all without distinction. The more women in security institutions, the more security for all our citizens, without distinction!

Of course, while today’s number is to be admired, we must all work together to increase even more the number of girls and women, but also of non-majority communities in our police.
Honourable policemen and policewomen, hold into your minds and hearts the sacred oath you will take today and the responsibility to protect and serve forever with honor and pride.

For this reason today, all of us together once again express our gratitude and pride of our police officers who are serving in the north of our country to protect every inch of the Republic of Kosovo.

All of you have chosen a noble profession, and I have full confidence in your abilities to carry out your duties with honor, dedication and respect!

May you be the embodiment of justice, security, protection of the rights of our citizens and elevation of the values of our state!

Honourable family members, be proud of your sons and daughters because they are the defense of our country.

God bless you!

Thank you!

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