President Osmani met with the Mayor of Mitrovica, Bedri Hamza

Mitrovica, April 14th, 2022 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani Sadriu, as part of the visits to the municipalities of the country, visited today the municipality of Mitrovica.

President Osmani initially held a meeting with the mayor of Mitrovica, Mr. Bedri Hamza, with whom she talked about the priorities and challenges faced by this municipality.

“It is a special pleasure to be today in my hometown, in the municipality of Mitrovica, and to talk with Mayor Hamza and his associates about the priorities they have for the municipality, and for the citizens we all together represent. Of course, this municipality faces great challenges, many of which are specific, as mentioned by the mayor, which means that we must join forces in order to address those challenges as soon as possible and always take into account the interest of the citizens above all,” said President Osmani.

President Osmani said that she is encouraged that President Hamza has set education and healthcare as the top priorities of his mandate, “Always understanding that investing in our citizens, investing in education and health means investing in our human capital which is the most important wealth of our state. The Municipality of Mitrovica, as you know, has probably the largest number of applications for social assistance, because unemployment is high and is a problem inherited from the 90s onwards, which means that it needs as much support as possible. The treatment of the unemployment level, of course, can be done with investments inside Kosovo, but also with investments from outside Kosovo,” added the President.

The head of the country said that we are doing our best to increase the number of investors from abroad, especially investments that focus on creating new jobs, and of course, here Mitrovica should be among the priority cities; because it has the potential for such a thing.

“From the potential of investments in the energy sector to the potential in the tourism sector, especially in the region of Shala e Bajgores, the municipality of Mitrovica is an excellent destination for foreign investors, and we have already had many opportunities to present this potential in other countries as well, and we will continue to do this with perseverance until together we see concrete successes in the municipality of Mitrovica “, said President Osmani.

President Osmani and President Hamza also spoke on the issue of environmental protection and security in the city.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Mitrovica, Bedri Hamza said that we were honoured that the president, Mrs. Osmani has found the time despite the great commitments to come and visit the municipality of Mitrovica.

“Of course, we welcomed her to her house, her house is all of Kosovo because she is the President of Kosovo, but we in Mitrovica, especially since it is her birthplace, is her place where she completed part of her education and where she has memories and of course every time she visits Mitrovica gives her emotion and nostalgia “, said Hamza.

He further said that they spoke with President Osmani about the projects that should be developed in Mitrovica, are being developed in Mitrovica and about the priorities that we have set such as education, healthcare, culture, youth and sports and the environment without bypassing other infrastructure priorities in line with our financial capabilities.

Today, President Osmani visited the shelter “Raba Voca”, theatre “Muharrem Qena” and held a meeting with various NGOs, in the field of youth, culture, art, and environmental protection, as well as the NGO “Youth Progress of the Ashkali of Mitrovica”.

The head of state at the end of her visit to the municipality of Mitrovica also visited the “Agro Serra” agro-business.


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